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Be your best self…

The next 2 years brings about a cycle of profound change. The first part of this decade has been a wild ride, but hold onto your hats as it’s going to ramp up. We’re not done yet! We have the chance to choose the way things go, but that is down to each one of us choosing to be our best self. What we present to the world and put out there will extrapolate out and define the way we go forward as a race. Pluto in Aquarius until approx 2043 is asking us to present our best light or we will become our worst. Being absent on ourselves will create a void that will be filled with darker forces and our shadow will define what we become. Our world will either resonate with our best expression or our worst and that is down to each one of us choosing who we are. The shadow side of the human race is already rearing its head and we are becoming a race who attack, vilify and oppress each other through our delusions. Judging one another through a faulty lens of reactionary conditioning. Things will get even more twisted. The world will turn on its head. Right will be wrong and wrong will be right.

There is a way out of this, it’s not too late… Those who want to take self-responsibility and start living as compassionate, intelligent beings can move forward. Those who don’t take this opportunity to be responsible, will be warped and governed by darker forces and the collective shadow will grow, as we allow our individual shadow to define who we are. The time has come to be present on ourselves or our absence will create an inner void where our worst expression will take hold and begin to write our story.  

Will you be the first to let go? The first to take responsibility and harness your power to express through the heart as a loving, peaceful being? It’s imperative that we don’t turn our back on ourselves and give up. We can be our best expression. If we start being responsible and come from the heart… But, will you go first? Because the truth is we have the power to change our trajectory, if we each use it with love and not righteous anger. Right now, our polar opposites are sitting next to each other and the scales can tip either way. You have the power to choose which way this energy goes. Will you use it? Will you realise just how powerful you are, when the world seems to be taking on a life of its own, beyond your control, will you wake up, choose peace, choose heart and choose love? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can’t make a difference. Each one of us is the difference we want to see in the world, when we choose to start being it. This is our chance. Let us not blow it!  Begin now, with your next inter-action. Put out love. Create harmony and peace. Go beyond your differences and be kind. Just because you can. Let’s put that energy out there, so we become it. That power is with you, right now! Book a soul reading, or healing for your focus in 2024. Distance no object. Online and telephone available. Contact to book.


The Year of TRUTH…

There’s a great wave of energy coming this year, with the power to propel us forward in our understanding. To shift us to a new level of consciousness and show us what we are truly capable of…

We are loving, compassionate beings… with great abilities. Together we have the answers and together we can grow. The Age of Aquarius is awakening each one of us to the uniqueness of what we are. If you feel a deeper need to reconnect with yourself, your talents and creative power, then follow it. It’s the heart speaking to you. Your skills are needed. You are necessary.

As a collective we fit together perfectly. Every one of us has a place and a part to play in the shift in consciousness that is upon us – it’s our awakening. For those ready to switch on to their greater intelligence and use it… this year will lift you to a new place, where the heart is the new root or foundation of what you are and you begin to remember your power and true response-ability, where you can respond creatively to the world and become part of the greater solution.

This year splits those who are still asleep and reactionary from those who are ready to be creative beings, seeking greater solutions that come through embracing the uniqueness of the self and others. You are part of the answer to a real, sustainable way forward. We need each other. Not one of us can do this alone. It’s time to start asking yourself what you can offer the world. How you can make the difference we all need.

Through this year the energy will lift you into your heart, the more you choose to use it and relate from there, the more you find the heart of yourself. So reach out, offer help, first to yourself by listening to that beating rhythm of change beckoning from within and then reach out to see where you can put your unique talents to work. The collective is on the rise. The heart of humanity is opening. Get to the heart of yourself and seek what it has to offer, then share it, celebrate it and become the answer.

We are not helpless, we are not hopeless and… we are not alone.

To find out what the soul of you is seeking, book a soul healing or reading and be ready to see your bigger picture and know your greater truth again… or join the Wednesday, Age of Aquarius channelling group, to understand the current cosmic backdrop and your purpose within it. Let your Soul show you the way forward – receive a real time, unique, daily Soul message to align with your truth and be guided forward. This is it. The energy is upon us. Are you ready?

To be ready for the shift in April, discounted rates apply to soul readings booked in by the end of March 2021. Simply quote ‘Blog’ upon booking to receive the discounted rate. Limited spaces are available.

The future is now!

Get ready for the future… it’s happening now! The energy of the future is being written right now and Soul sent you to be part of it. Awaken to your cosmic vibration and true life purpose in this expansion of consciousness. Rebalance your energy bodies. Synergize with your future life scripts. Get the most out of now and be as soul needs for its future effectiveness. Cultivate the right state to propel forward positively into the coming Age of Aquarius and vibrational shifts.

Rays of the Unicorn healing is for those ready to feel the exquisite energies of the futuristic, cosmic rays of consciousness and awaken to their deeper soul memories and abilities. For those wanting to more deeply understand their place in now and access untapped potential to write into future life scripts. The build-up within might be so strong as your future potential is pushing to the surface, you just might feel an enigma to yourself, or unable to understand what is playing out in your body and psyche right now. Maybe you have always felt this way? Chances are you are a futuristic, cosmic soul learning to earth in and awaken to your future role in the coming shifts in consciousness. Or maybe clarity is coming and a sense of excitement looms as you are aware of the impending breakthrough. All souls here right now have a purpose and point to being. Whatever that is your latent potential is trying to unravel and take you to a new place of understanding. It really is time to wake up!

Book a ‘Rays of the Unicorn’ re-balancing treatment or make a day of it with a full day workshop to delve deeper into your potential, true purpose and your future life scripts! Telephone and Skype available. Please contact to book.

It’s all coming right!

Don’t miss the opportunity available right now! The realms are shifting to create the spiral up in the New Year. The energy will fly forward. It’s all coming right in readiness for it. It’s been aligning for the last few years and the moment is here!

You are defined by your energetic state, not who you think you are, or try to be. This is the moment to get it right as your energetic state is what will determine the way you and your life take off next year. Get aligned with your true vibration and get clarity on what that is.

We are experiencing a karmic detangling as part of a much bigger cosmic picture. If sands are shifting it’s imperative to know the way. The old is trying to fall away and things are really breaking down now in order to come right for true balance. It’s all coming right and this is when it can feel most wrong and out of balance. Work with it creatively rather than reacting in fear and trying to control it, which will just dampen and suppress the shifts trying to get you to a better place. Get your energy right and you will fly with it next year. Know your karma, your Dharma, your true path and way through the shift for it to come together in magical ways. That’s what is on offer right now. The way forward, the way out. The break free is here. To better understand your way through book a rebalancing treatment, a Soul reading or use the Wednesday cosmic alignment sessions or monthly healing seminars. Clarity and the way is here if you truly want it. It’s exciting. Don’t miss it! It’s NOW!

Focus is everything!

This year is picking up the pace. We are quickening and the cosmos is about to deliver some amazing energy to help us transform the right way. It’s imperative to have the right focus and understand how you are creating your own destiny. Make sure you are on the same page as Soul and aligning with your true path by being the true you.

It’s a time when residual karma can really be healed and the pathways to your true life purpose can open up to take you forward. It’s all about the right inner focus. We are entering a time when we can align our creative power with the heart and arrive at a new place of understanding. We can really cultivate a state of inner healing and regeneration if we focus the right way. Where the mind goes our energy flows. This is really about to speed up and the turnaround will be felt, so make it a positive experience that brings a deeper sense of peace and fulfilment.

Catch the wave – don’t end up chasing it! This moment could very easily pass you by. If you are feeling like everything is wrong it’s most probably because it’s all trying to come right. The energy is rebalancing to find a new harmonic state and everything you need to be you is available. All your authentic, inner qualities are trying to surface that can get you through, so it might feel overwhelming or it might feel liberating. You have the right ingredients and they are surfacing. You are the answer to your problems. Your moment is here if you truly want to align with it. Spiral up with the energy available right now. It’s amazing and so are you!

Book a Soul reading with healing and rebalancing or check out the karmic healing workshop to get the right focus. You will learn about your residual karmic patterns and attachments Soul intends be healed, as you gain a deeper understanding of your life experience and future life focus for Soul. You will rebalance through Soul guided healing, for clarity, personal development and to raise your energetic vibration. Available as a full day of inner healing or in shorter therapy sessions. Remember, you can spiral up out of it with the right focus and the energy to do it is right here now! Don’t miss it. Use the Wednesday cosmic alignment and mindfulness group space to learn more about the switch on moments and to help yourself grow forward. Please contact to book.

Call out from Arch Angel Michael

Arch Angel Michael is putting a call out as the light bank he uses to spread the joy and healing to humanity is low. There are not enough people focusing on the difference they can make to themselves and the world. So make the next thought you have about yourself a positive one and the same for the next person you meet, and the one after that and so on… make that your new normal! Just choose to be positive! Find the blessings because they are there if you look hard enough. Every positive thought or deed tops up that universal light bank and you will be making a difference to those you feel unable to reach and to yourself. Start now… realise the difference you can make to the world right now by starting with yourself.

If you want to understand the cosmic shifts and work positively to your personal growth and evolution at this special time of expansion in consciousness, check out the weekly, Wednesday, 21st Century Mindfulness group and other events on What’s on and remember you can make all the difference you are here to make, right now! All you have to do is choose to be positive.

It’s time to wake up! – Uranus is calling

This year means business. The energy is doing its best to make us do our best on ourselves! It will wake us up where we need it, whether we like it or not. The push is coming.

Our imbalances will manifest physically, emotionally or mentally, wherever we are storing them. They will play out in our lives and relationships in very real ways until we deal with them. All by cosmic design to help us grow. We’ve had the chance to do it voluntarily over the last few years, the energy has been gently urging us to choose growth. For those who have been working away and quietly owning their stuff it will be a time to reap the rewards and this highly transformational energy will help you fly forward towards your goals and dreams. So there’s a green light for those that have done the necessary self work and continue to hold the right focus. What you want is within reach. Uranus in Taurus will reward the hard working souls who take self ownership and Saturn in Capricorn will reward self responsibility. So hopefully you have been and continue to plant the right seeds on yourself!

For those that haven’t there’s still a window between now and 6th March, when Uranus makes its shift into Taurus, to get planting and take advantage of this highly transformational energy. After March things will begin to get progressively real, so own it now and choose to move out of avoidance, the cosmos is supporting you! It will see what you put in and match it again, that’s how it works. When we use our free will and choose growth the cosmos rewards us one way or another and helps us get there. When we choose to stay stuck it will use the same energy to keep showing us our avoidance in order to point the way back to a harmonious and balanced state, where we can flourish, because that’s what we are in the vessel for, to flourish not suffer. We are in the cusp of this transformational energy right now and the cracks will begin to show if we don’t own it. The energy will break us out of our old ways and make us wake up.

The cosmos wants to help us. Rewards are waiting if you truly want to take ownership of your energy. It is a time of awakening and it is important to know how to manage the process. For those wanting to understand the bigger cosmic shifts occurring and how to work with it positively, to make the most of this highly transformational time, book onto the Wednesday cosmic channeling group, morning or evening and learn to align with your authentic self and close the gap down between you and soul, or book onto the fortnightly well-being group, alternatively, book a personalised, Soul based, Akashic reading or healing session for a focused and meaningful way forward. There is also the psychic development group for those feeling they are awakening and need support or guidance on the way forward. This moment is loaded with cosmic shifts and the choices we make now will have a lasting impact on this and our future life choices. Visit What’s on to discover more and Contact to book. Distance no object – telephone and Skype available, plus distant healing, spiritual life coaching and counselling.

Mindfulness – Understand your Metaphysical Self

As the vibration on the earth plane quickens it is possible to heal and replenish in new ways. The cosmos is supporting us in our progression into a 4th Dimensional vibration and beyond. Healing vibrations are more easily accessible. The breath can be loaded with Chi and directed consciously for healing. Our energetic template is awakening.

Learn to access what you need and direct the vital life force through your metaphysical template and replenish your body systems. Drop spent out-dated programs. Quicken the healing process. Liberate yourself from the past and learn to consciously support your transition from a 3D to 4D vibration. Learn to attune to your path, your spirit, your vital life force and positively engage with your authentic self again.

Learn how to traverse your metaphysical template, replenish through the subtle bodies and re-balance the physical aspects. Discover how imperative the breath is to your health and well-being. How disconnected and diluted it has become; devoid of your vital Chi. Learn how to support the body with its vital functioning and to positively re-engage with the bio feedback, no longer seeing the symptoms of imbalance as a problem when things go wrong but rather a way to put things right. Learn to work with your inner healing mechanisms and restore your vital Chi to cells, re-mapping the DNA. Embody your vital life force and promote the right conditions for the body to flourish, creating positive health and well-being.

Check out the Mindfulness courses to learn all of this and more. Learn about your metaphysical anatomy and how it supports the physical, conscious 3D you. Attend the well-being or meditation group, or start your own, I am happy to facilitate – distance is no object. Telephone and Skype is available. Alternatively book a personalised healing session. Please contact to book.

Make friends with your Saturn – choose to grow forward!

This year’s crescendo effect is approaching its climax. The planets have been brewing up a perfect storm for some time. As Saturn prepares to move into Capricorn on 20th December, things are getting more serious. It’s all designed to manoeuvre us into a place of self responsibility and ownership of our residual, emotional programming that needs cleaning up. If you think what has this to do with me? It has to do with everyone. If you’re smart you will start working through your inner baggage right now and stop projecting it out onto others – if you’re extra smart and switched on you will already be doing this! This is your opportunity to own it. Use this awareness positively, make Saturn your friend rather than the authoritarian teacher that will bring self responsibility whether you want it or not. Whichever way, it’s here and you’re here because soul chose you to be here in this moment, to quicken your vibration and deal with it. Better to go there willingly, where you have control over what your journey shapes into rather than Saturn shape it for you!

Emotional games will abound. We are being given a gift of choice that is about to become more apparent. We can work through and make it to the next level of our inner spiral and expand our consciousness or spiral deeper into our outdated programming – not pretty! The energy is taking us into a perfect storm, where what was suppressed and subtly playing out in us is being exposed and surfacing for all to see. There’s an interesting twist to the end of this year – do we own it or further collude with each other to project it onto something or someone else? So individuals will begin to join forces. Unspoken games and collusion is about to become much more conscious.

Jupiter is expanding us, we are growing! Make sure you grow in the right direction. Put your creative power into the right programs and choose to enlighten yourself! It will take more energy to suppress our emotional baggage now, so we will collude on the surface to delude ourselves further. If you’re the sane one in the room all eyes will be on you. All fingers will point you out. You’ll become the problem. The voice of reason will not be welcomed by those who want to continue to play unimpeded in their world of delusion. Victim mode will abound and the victim will become the subtle, insipid perpetrator but on the surface you will be the villain. Not only that, what we don’t choose to own will play out through the physical body as a whole host of conditions and symptoms. Orthodox medicine will struggle to fathom it and will not be able to treat the sickness of the soul. Residual programs will manifest in real ways more and more so own them now emotionally and work through them consciously, rather than the physical body show you what needs to be released.

Those who choose a more conscious journey, toward an enlightened state – and not the self professed Gurus who purport to be on an inner journey – those who truly own their stuff and work through it, will move up the spiral and expand their consciousness. Shake off the hangers on, those who want to pull you back down to their level or hitch a free ride. Find your inner power and harness it positively. Free yourself from your games and embrace a new programming that is available to you right now. Stick with your inner truth and integrity but be careful you’re not just deluding yourself! Flow with the current shifts and you will glide into your new level of awareness and understanding. Don’t allow yourself to diminish your truth to fit in with the scripts and games playing out. Break free! Grow beyond it and emerge as your authentic self. The energy will support you!

Those who choose to spiral down deeper and submerge will become further depleted and exhausted as they wade through their inner quagmire that is about to become very real. Saturn in Capricorn is a reality check in reality itself. It will manifest in your life wherever you turn until it’s dealt with fully. Choose to go with the current cosmic flow and expand healthily into soul’s vision rather than into the delusions of the ego, otherwise you will be pulling yourself out of the quagmire for a very long time and under your own steam. The cosmos will not support the inauthentic. It’s calling time on games that limit consciousness and you will not find shelter from your truth any longer. Saturn is the inner teacher – embrace it! Dare to be renewed and embrace your truth in healthy, balanced ways. Move beyond your games. Choose to own them. Move into the present, grow forward! Saying ‘but I don’t know how’ doesn’t wash with Saturn. The inner teacher says ‘learn, ask; find out! No excuses’. For those who want to learn how to move into the next spiral of awareness and expand correctly with soul’s vision, the answers are there – discern.

To book an Energetic Life Coaching Counseling, or Soul Guided session please contact. Get on with the real tasks at hand. Uncomplicate your life and choose to grow forward! Skype and telephone sessions available, start now! (for a further heads up on this year and current shifts, read back through this blog for insights)