Energetic Clearing

Specialising in energetic clearing and spirit release work, to restore balance. Working closely with the effects of psychosis and other mental health issues.

Energetic Cleansing/Spirit Release: £195 for 2 hrs, with free consultation & follow up

To help clear you from the effects of disharmonious energies, which we can encounter from people or places around us. Some possible symptoms of being under the influence of undesirable energy can be uncharacteristic thoughts or feelings you cannot explain, especially that come on suddenly, hearing voices, nightmares, headaches, feeling spaced out, negative, drained, tired, angry, emotional, unusually sensitive or aggressive, unfocused or confused and so on. These can also be symptoms of other conditions, which may need medical attention. An initial, free consultation is available. Work is then performed in 2 hour blocks and a follow up is included after initial cleansing completed. Work can be performed remotely, so distance is no object. Please call to discuss further.

Energetic Space Clearance:

To clear your space of disruptive energies. If you are experiencing negativity, arguments and other disruptions in your space. Prices are the same as for personal cleansing above, also with a free consultation included and a follow up. Work is usually performed remotely, so distance is no object.

If you are experiencing energetic or psychic phenomenon you are unsure about please call or contact for further information.

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