“Mindfulness is living in the moment, in appreciation of all that is.
Cultivating the ability to recognise the blessings of now

Japanese, Shinto Priest & Friend

Mindfulness helps us understand how our sense of lack creates inner frustrations, which we project out onto the world around us. Creating a dis-association and sense of dis-empowerment, which creates even more frustration and conditions us to believe the chaos exists in the outer world, when it is a result of our own inner state.

Mindfulness re-minds us of a sense of gratitude for all we are and all we have, which extends out to all things. Cultivating a deeper sense of fulfilment and harmony with our surroundings, changing our inner state, bringing a sense of calm, peace and clarity.

It takes effort and practice to learn about our own lack. How this manifests in us. How we project it out onto our environment. How we perceive this in others and as a force beyond our control. Mindfulness teaches us to take responsibility for what we are creating and how to create more positively, so we experience flourishment and self empowerment. Restoring a sense of joy and well-being within.

Remember… Nothing happens on its own. You are creating your own experience of life right now... Realise your potential to create and apply it in the moment for greater self understanding and empowerment. Harmonising further with your truth and life purpose…

Various Mindfulness programs and groups are available and are listed below. Programs are tailored to suit your needs with a highly personalised delivery for effectiveness. All programs are Soul guided and facilitated, so you are effectively embarking upon a unique journey in real time with your Soul and guidance networks for clarity, healing and life direction.

Distant sessions via telephone and on-line available. Please contact for details.

21st Century Mindfulness & Cosmic Channeling Group: £25, wkly, (one-to-one: 1 hr from £88)

Keep abreast of cosmic changes and engage positively with your evolutionary process, as we embark upon the quickening in consciousness and rapid soul growth. Learn how to tap into your Soulability and understand your metaphysical anatomy as it evolves and reveals to you. Develop your consciousness, understand your place in now and your unique way forward in this exciting time of rapid cosmic expansion! Weekly, on-line group available, Wednesdays, 10am-12pm, or evenings, 7-9pm. Simply book onto sessions that suit. Please contact for details.

Well-being & Mindfulness Group: £25, fortnightly, (one-to-one: 1 hr from £88)

Learn to balance and heal yourself, overcome personal limitations and live a fuller, more pro-active lifestyle. Cultivating the skills of balancing mind, body and spirit through energetic techniques. Book highly personalised one-to-one sessions, or for your own groups, in your own space or on-line available. Alternatively, join on-line, fortnightly Wednesdays, 1-3pm. Please call or contact for details.

Developing Mindfulness for Daily Living: from £495

A program of Mindfulness, taking you on a journey to promote mindfulness in yourself and your life. Incorporating techniques of meditation, visualisation, breathing, posture, body work, chakra and energetic re-balancing. For healing and a deeper sense of peace and purpose in your daily being. Can book one to one or for your own groups.

Aura Awareness & Re-balancing Program: from £495

A program to build knowledge and awareness of your energetic template. Learn techniques to balance your chakras and aura, for an improved sense of health and well-being. Highly personalised direction and feedback provided, to cultivate deeper self understanding. Helping you move forward with your own practice to raise your energetic vibration and achieve a deeper sense of balance and purpose, whilst enhancing your knowledge of energetic anatomy. Can book one to one or for your own groups. Also available as a workshop or shorter, one-off sessions to suit.

Harnessing Your Power Program: from £495

A program to help you harness your personal power through energetic techniques and auric re-balancing. Learn where you may have given away your power through your Soul’s journeying and where you are able to take it back. Travel through your lifetimes to heal and re-balance the present, for a more empowered sense of self and purpose. Includes conception, gestation, hereditary and ancestral healing, to learn about the patterns feeding into you and how to harness them. Personalised direction and feedback provided throughout, equipping you with the skills to continue your journey after the program ends. Can book one to one or for your own groups. Also available as a workshop or shorter, one-off sessions to suit.

Self Healing & Re-balancing Program: from £495

A program of self healing to help raise self awareness and re-balance yourself. Through energetic healing and Mindfulness techniques, with highly personalised direction and feedback. Taking you on a journey of deeper self understanding and healing. Equipping you with skills you can continue to apply for improved health and well-being. Great for recuperation and aiding recovery, or simply for you or someone you know to become more empowered around health and well-being. Can book one to one or for your own groups.

Meditation & Mindfulness: £25 (Group price), one-to-one: 30 min £48, 1hr from £88

Learn the art of relaxation and to meditate effectively, through energetic techniques for a deeper sense of clarity and well-being. Techniques are applied and personalised as needed, to help build on effective practice. Sessions can be booked one-to-one, to suit and personal feedback is provided for further direction and enhancement. Great for deeper self awareness, understanding and re-balancing. You can book onto a group currently running or arrange for your own groups, on-line available. contact us

Soul Guided Meditation: 30 min £48, 1 hr from £88

Soul guided meditation sessions to help you align with your life path, develop your intuition and inner guidance. Great for clarity on issues in your life and re-balancing on deeper levels. You will receive healing and focused guidance to take away and build on between sessions. Cultivating a greater sense of harmony and peace in your life and developing your practice. Helping you to ground, align with your life purpose and apply insights through your daily living.

Transcendental Meditation: 1 hr from £88 (Program of sessions from £495)

For self development and deeper transformation. One to one sessions, to raise your energetic vibration, bring greater self awareness, inner healing, mental clarity, wisdom and increased intuition. Also helping to connect with your cosmic and guiding forces. Ideal for building a deeper sense of peace within and harnessing your personal power. Highly personalised and pro-active sessions, to cleanse and purify the aura and transcend consciousness. Can be booked as separate sessions, or as a program of sessions.

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