The future is now!

Get ready for the future… it’s happening now! The energy of the future is being written right now and Soul sent you to be part of it. Awaken to your cosmic vibration and true life purpose in this expansion of consciousness. Rebalance your energy bodies. Synergize with your future life scripts. Get the most out of now and be as soul needs for its future effectiveness. Cultivate the right state to propel forward positively into the coming Age of Aquarius and vibrational shifts.

Rays of the Unicorn healing is for those ready to feel the exquisite energies of the futuristic, cosmic rays of consciousness and awaken to their deeper soul memories and abilities. For those wanting to more deeply understand their place in now and access untapped potential to write into future life scripts. The build-up within might be so strong as your future potential is pushing to the surface, you just might feel an enigma to yourself, or unable to understand what is playing out in your body and psyche right now. Maybe you have always felt this way? Chances are you are a futuristic, cosmic soul learning to earth in and awaken to your future role in the coming shifts in consciousness. Or maybe clarity is coming and a sense of excitement looms as you are aware of the impending breakthrough. All souls here right now have a purpose and point to being. Whatever that is your latent potential is trying to unravel and take you to a new place of understanding. It really is time to wake up!

Book a ‘Rays of the Unicorn’ re-balancing treatment or make a day of it with a full day workshop to delve deeper into your potential, true purpose and your future life scripts! Telephone and Skype available. Please contact to book.