Soul Light Activations

We are living in a special time where our consciousness is quickening. We are expanding in self-awareness and experiencing many initiations. Our DNA is being updated through a live stream from the Akashic data bank and we can access up to the moment real time information about our Soul purpose and journey.

Book a session with your Soul to receive up to date information on where you should be heading in your life, what your life path is and how you can shore up the gap. Your Soul is giving the answers through the live stream of Akashic information available right now.

You will understand your life from your Soul’s perspective and lifetimes of karma will be explained, helping you find your way forward.

Ask questions, get clarity, receive real time healing. It’s all in the reading and available right now!

In a session you will relax and receive. You will be given information to help you understand what is playing out in you and your life and what is required of you. You will be shown the way forward. Your Soul’s intelligence knows the way to help you restore greater order to your existence. There is no problem your Soul can’t deal with, for there is no problem. Only what is. It is all by intricate design to help you be the best you can be and get the most from yourself and your life experience.

I am based in the UK and work internationally, so please contact wherever you are. Distance is no object. Sessions can be booked one to one, to suit. Delivered via telephone or on line through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime, etc.

Ask your soul… it is waiting to give you the answers...

Book nowSoul Light Activation: 1 hr from £88

 “Jayne has this phenomenal ability to see right into your DNA. She drew out from me the deepest and most ancient wisdom. I have had many readings in my life but this soul reading was the deepest dive yet. Without a doubt, this woman is truly gifted and on a powerful soul mission in the Age of Aquarius – so glad I found her!”
Leni M, March 2021

Daily Soul Focused Messaging is also available… “I have been having the Daily Soul Focus Messages each weekday from Jayne for a few weeks now and I’ve found them incredibly helpful. They give me a focus of what I need to be concentrating on for that particular day to get/be on my path and flourishing in my purpose. Jayne has this innate knowing of exactly what we each need to flourish in Soul’s vision of us and communicates it the way each of us need to hear it – adapting to our individual needs. I highly recommend this for anyone wishing to be on their path flourishing in their purpose. Thank you Jayne and your behind the scenes team for facilitating this for us all”
Nina H, Daily Soul Focus messaging service, May 2020 Please see Soul Therapies for more information…