Call out from Arch Angel Michael

Arch Angel Michael is putting a call out as the light bank he uses to spread the joy and healing to humanity is low. There are not enough people focusing on the difference they can make to themselves and the world. So make the next thought you have about yourself a positive one and the same for the next person you meet, and the one after that and so on… make that your new normal! Just choose to be positive! Find the blessings because they are there if you look hard enough. Every positive thought or deed tops up that universal light bank and you will be making a difference to those you feel unable to reach and to yourself. Start now… realise the difference you can make to the world right now by starting with yourself.

If you want to understand the cosmic shifts and work positively to your personal growth and evolution at this special time of expansion in consciousness, check out the weekly, Wednesday, 21st Century Mindfulness group and other events on What’s on and remember you can make all the difference you are here to make, right now! All you have to do is choose to be positive.