“I thoroughly enjoyed the Level One Reiki training course. I loved working with others in a healing setting and feeling part of a community. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and skill, which I will now build upon. I look forward to my Level Two Reiki training. Highly recommend. A great course!”
Rosslyn, Level One Reiki Training, Feb 22 – Feb 2023

 “Jayne has been supporting me on my enlightenment journey for over a year. Ranging from Daily Soul Guidance, mindfulness, life coaching, healing, Tarot training, and Reiki Level One training. I am soon to start my Reiki Level Two and cannot wait. Jayne is so very gifted, gracious, caring, and is always there through life’s ups and downs. I would highly recommend Jayne at ‘You Reiki.’ She is like my Guru and I would be lost without her in my life at the moment. Thank you, Jayne!”
Jodi C-S, Tarot training, Reiki training, Daily Soul Guidance, Remote healing 2023-2024

 “Thank you deeply, for the opportunity to do the Tarot course with you and for your guidance. It was really insightful and inspiring. Your support, care, and knowledge are second to none. Thank you, from my heart.”
Dina J, Tarot training course, Nov 23 – March 2024

 “Great service, as always. Thank you so much for a great course. Real insights into the Cosmic Alignment and its applications. Clear explanations and meditations that have a transformative power.”
Dina J, Cosmic Alignment Program, (CAP), July – Oct 2023

“It’s excellent. Allows you to understand your birth chart in a lot more depth. The structure is great. I have learnt the concept of the true node and the different houses in my chart, and how these impact different aspects of my life in relation to the changes we go through. Best investment for myself!”
Amandeep K, Cosmic Alignment Program, (CAP), July – Oct 2023

“Thank you Jayne. I want to express my gratitude for the fantastic course. Your thorough explanations and engaging teaching style made the learning experience truly exceptional. The handouts were not only helpful, but also filled with interesting content. The Cosmic Alignment Course was in-depth and immense. It provided a profound understanding of the subject and I now recognise the importance of regularly reading my chart, especially considering the complexity of the planets. One of the most interesting aspects of the course was observing how the individual charts of the group differed, which added a unique dimension to our learning journey. Thank you once again for your outstanding work as an instructor.”
Rosslyn L, Cosmic Alignment Program, (CAP), July – Oct 2023

“I have worked with Jayne for a few years now. She has helped me in so many areas of my life with channeled insights into parenting, relationships, business and spiritual development. I have made the changes as suggested and grown significantly. After being so pleased with the results on myself, Jayne did some distant energy work and healing on one of my children, with profound results. They have made remarkable progress in so many areas that were challenging for them. Since Jayne’s work some serious allergies have dissolved. One allergy is quite rare to grow out of, but I believe it’s down to the work Jayne has done. This child is so much more grounded and confident too. Jayne has been a spiritual teacher and coach for me, which is benefiting anyone that I am connected with, such as family, friends, etc. I am forever grateful. I have done workshops, sessions and meditation groups with Jayne over several years. All of which have been incredibly insightful and life changing. I have learnt so much and she has been a great support. Jayne is not the standard energy worker or medium, she really knows her stuff and is very gifted. She works at the highest level I know. Jayne doesn’t beat around the bush, wasting time. She gets straight to the issues and channeled guidance. She is highly psychic, working with guides, soul, source and more.”
Rebecca G, Remote Healing, Daily Soul Messages, Meditation Group, Workshops, Oct 2023

“I found Jayne on the inter-net and was immediately drawn to contacting her. I had completed my Level 1 Reiki with another teacher in a day and was experiencing all types of symptoms. I knew I had made the right choice the first day I met Jayne. Her intuition, knowledge and advice is out of this world… she is a pure channel from source. Thank you Jayne for being my amazing teacher for Reiki Level 1 Training. You have inspired me to continue my spiritual journey and I cannot wait to get stuck into Level 2 with you. Your guidance throughout my journey has been amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Jodi CS, Usui Reiki Training, Level 1, 2022 to Feb 2023

“I would like to thank Jayne for the support and guidance during the training. It has been life changing and I will be forever grateful for the skills and knowledge I have learnt whilst learning Reiki Level 1.”
Lotte B Usui Reiki Training, Level 1, 2020 to Feb 2023

“I am extremely grateful to Jayne for all that she has done throughout this course, pushing me where needed, always with comprehensive support and assistance. Thank you for helping me progress on this journey. None of it would have been possible without you.”
Nina H, Usui Reiki Training, Level 3, Jan 2022 

“Jayne gave me the most amazing experience with my energy healing and reading. Jayne connected with a great aunt of mine and guided me towards new things in my life. The healing was incredibly deep, super intense and filled me with light and love. A wonderful experience that I’d recommend.”
Neil W, Soul Light Activation, Healing & Reading, July 2021

“I’m currently watching the session back and the light, energy, wisdom, and content etc. is just continually growing and expanding as I’m re-experiencing it (Both in linear, and the ‘ever present now’!!!) It’s astounding. I cannot wait to be working with you!!! The changes have already started to take place and some of the experiences I’ve had since the day itself have been exceptional! You and your unique, eclectic blend of “Jayne Derbyshire”/ energy/ wisdom/ skills/ abilities are phenomenal. The Light, energy, kindness emanating from you shines so strongly. I am so excited. Thank you!”
Zoe M, Soul Light Activation, Healing and Reading, July 2021

 “Jayne has this phenomenal ability to see right into your DNA. She drew out from me the deepest and most ancient wisdom. I have had many readings in my life but this soul reading was the deepest dive yet. Without a doubt, this woman is truly gifted and on a powerful soul mission in the Age of Aquarius – so glad I found her!”
Leni M, Akashic Soul Reading, March 2021

“I found your reading exceptional!!  It was extraordinarily accurate and your integrity is outstanding.  You provided many puzzle pieces… It takes a lot to impress me.  I have been wonderfully impressed.”
Jill R, Soul Light Activation & Reading, March 2021

“I had a session with Jayne which was amazing. I felt so relaxed and positive after. She is a lovely, genuine lady who made me feel so comfortable. I would definitely recommend Jayne.”
Tan, Soul healing session, Jan 2021

“I recently experienced access bars with Reiki re-balance with Jayne as part of my professional CPD – a greatly relaxing and informative experience! I would highly recommend Jayne to anyone, an excellent and effective therapist.”
Jen B, Access Bars with Reiki Re-balance, Sep 2020

“I have been having the Daily Soul Focus Messages each weekday from Jayne for a few weeks now and I’ve found them incredibly helpful. They give me a focus of what I need to be concentrating on for that particular day to get/be on my path and flourishing in my purpose. Jayne has this innate knowing of exactly what we each need to flourish in Soul’s vision of us and communicates it the way each of us need to hear it – adapting to our individual needs. I highly recommend this for anyone wishing to be on their path flourishing in their purpose. Thank you Jayne and your behind the scenes team for facilitating this for us all.”
Nina H, Daily Soul Focus messaging service, May 2020

“I would like to say how fantastic the 3 weekly Development Circle is. Jayne delivers a five star quality service!  I have developed my knowledge and skills substantially. Jayne has a great approach and works with you on an individual basis, with lots of encouragement. Well done Jayne. You’re a star.”
Rosslyn L, Psychic Development Circle, March 2020

“I have had 2 Spiritual Mentoring sessions and have done some really great energy work with Jayne’s guidance. Jayne is knowledgeable, genuine and generous. Her desire to help others is clearly a priority and her sessions are so rewarding.”
Claire F, Soul Guided Therapy & Spiritual Life Coaching, March 2020

“The training is very supportive, thorough and helped me transform myself, grow and flourish. I have learnt so much about myself and how I can best help others. I have worked methodically through challenges. The guidance and support is second to none, very professional, down to earth and kind hearted. My heartfelt thanks for the journey to self-transformation. It would not be possible without your expertise and guidance.”
Dina J, Usui Reiki Training, Level 2, July 2019

“Thank you for a lovely couple of days. It has been enlightening and you have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable.”
Steph H, Moon and Archetypal 2 Day Workshop, July 2019

“I visited Jayne for a 2 hour Reiki healing session and it was one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time. It was exactly what I had been searching for and so much more. I have already recommended her to friends and family and can’t wait for my next session with her. Highly, highly recommend.”
Corrine A, Reiki Treatment, June 2019

“Really useful, full of information, learning and take home tips to continue development. Lovely atmosphere. Friendly approach. Your knowledge amazes me… Jayne has special gifts and an amazing level of knowledge. She is a powerful teacher and I would recommend her highly.”
Jane M, 21st Century Channeling into the Age of Aquarius, Workshop, May 2019

“Just wanted to thank you for last week. I feel so much better and in control.”
Sue, Combined Counselling and Reiki session, May 2019

“Thank you Jayne for another bespoke intuitive and valuable service that is continually helping me to progress on my path. The Triune Reiki course has been hugely beneficial and informative. I am continuing to use all that I have learnt in my daily life. I’m hugely grateful for the way you adopted the course to suit my needs in the moment, so I could get the most benefit and for all the knowledge that you share. You continue to be my inspiration, thank you.
Nina H, 2 day Triune Reiki Training, Jan 2019

“Wasn’t sure what to expect from combined counselling and Reiki 2 hour session. Jayne made me feel so comfortable and relaxed from the moment I arrived and explained everything before my actual session began. After visiting Jayne I felt the best I have done in years and continue to do so. I’m now moving forward in the most positive way. Can’t thank you enough Jayne.”
Mia T, combined Counselling and Reiki session, Jan 2019

“Jayne’s Level 2 Usui Reiki has been a highly personalised course with extremely thorough content and delivery, working at a pace and time that suits my lifestyle. Jayne has selflessly worked to bring out the best in me, through a perfect combination of appropriate challenging, encouragement and praise, backed up by her natural intuitive direction. Jayne is a highly knowledgeable lady, who is an inspiration to be around and is always focused on helping us achieve our true potential. It is hard to express just how grateful I am to have found and be learning with such an inspiring and creative mentor. Thank you.”
Nina H, Usui Reiki Training, Aug 2018

“I had never tried Reiki before so didn’t know what to expect when I went to see Jayne. It blew me away, it is very hard to put into words the feeling and wonder that happened to me. The energy, the heat and colours that I had in my body was absolutely amazing. I am still in shock a week later, Jayne was such a lovely person and I would certainly have Reiki from her again. I can’t praise her highly enough.”
Pat RW, Reiki taster treatment, Apr 2018

“Jayne’s an honest, realistic and practical coach. With the highest integrity and gives feedback that makes you change to your best self. Thank you from my heart for all the support.”
Dina J, Reiki Training, Spiritual Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Jan 2018

“A wonderful Mediumship Development Programme that Jayne has tailored to my needs, enabling me to set up solid foundations and structures for working safely with spirit. I feel I’ve got much closer connections with the guides and helpers that work with me in my spiritual and mediumship work. Jayne’s knowledge, skills and techniques are truly unique and helped continue my journey of self healing in the process too.”
Louise H, Mediumship Development Program, Psychic Development, Jan 2018

“I did a full day, conception healing workshop. I was super relaxed. All my comforts were taken care of. We worked from pre-birth, connected to my Soul’s essence, healed birth and then moved along the timeline to present and future. Lots of different techniques were shared to help me continue the self-healing. It’s an opportunity to connect to Soul and focus on your life path. Have healing for areas that you need to let go of. I would recommend healing with Jayne. Thank you for all the feedback, the time and one-to-one attention. We worked really hard but felt relaxed and like a lot had been released. Thank you for all your guidance and teachings.
Dina J, Conception Healing Workshop, Dec 2017

“An excellent course, which has given me the ability to meditate using different techniques, to draw closer to the Divine and balance my mind, body and spirit. Adopting the mudras to my needs at a particular time. Highly recommend.”
Louise H, Mudra Meditation Workshop, Oct 2017

“Jayne has supported and guided me through my Level 3 Training, with the utmost professionalism, commitment and integrity. Her extensive knowledge, wisdom and in depth teachings has allowed me to find my true path and inner peace. A fabulous Teacher and Reiki Healer!”
Jen B, Usui Reiki Training, Oct 2017

“I recently attended Jayne’s Mudra Meditation Day and found it to be a very thorough, informative and highly personalised day. Jayne guided me through just over 30 different mudras, giving advice on which ones are best for me to focus on currently.  A very concise and well laid out document detailing each of the mudras and affirmations associated with each one is given out so that effective practice can be maintained at home.  Jayne has a knowing that comes across in every aspect of her teaching, meaning that she delivers a highly personalised service, so that wherever we are in our own journey, she can help guide us in the right direction to get the most out of our lives. Overall an extremely beneficial day and highly recommended to anyone wishing to enhance their current meditation practice.”
Nina H, Mudra Meditation Workshop, Sep 2017

“I met Jayne recently as I am interested in Reiki Training as a process of personal healing and self development and would also like to become more aware of my spiritual path. Jayne explained her Reiki Course in great detail and later that week I received some Reiki healing from Jayne. This was a powerful experience for me in a number of ways – physically, spiritually and emotionally. Afterwards I felt a strong sense of calm and well-being. During this process Jayne was informative, insightful, caring and ‘held’ the space perfectly. I plan to book my Reiki level 1 with Jayne and attend some of the weekly development groups. Very pleased and would recommend.”
Anne Marie C, Usui Reiki Training, Healing Seminar, July 2017

“I booked a ‘Rassage’ (Reiki massage) after feeling stressed about the loss of my beloved Dog. I went to see Jayne feeling very low and flat and I must admit after my treatment I did feel more alive, balanced and in tune again. I felt blocked tension release and generally amazing. Jayne helped me where I needed help, didn’t have to say a word, she just knew. Would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone that needs a bit of pampering mixed in with healing and a whole lot more. The treatment wasn’t rushed at all.”
Dawn T, Reiki Massage, June 2017

“I completed my Level 1 Reiki Practitioner course at ‘You Reiki’ and I highly recommend training with Jayne on any of her courses, or for self-development or healing. The Reiki Course was well structured, thorough and highly personalised to meet my needs, at my own pace. It is the best thing I have done and feel privileged to now enroll onto Reiki Level 2 with a very professional, caring and kind teacher. I am grateful for all Jayne’s help, support and guidance in learning the skills with the right attitude and integrity. Jayne is highly skilled trainer and an exceptional healer. The supporting materials are very thorough and guidance is given in applying the learning. Very well structured course. I also recommend doing the Mudra meditation day and the Reiki massage. It has changed my life and goals. Thank you.”
Dina J, Usui Reiki Training, Mudra meditation Workshop , Reiki massage, Feb 2017

“‘You Reiki’ offers an exceptional, versatile service and experience. I was new to the concept of Reiki but had read a number of articles on the usefulness of Reiki to humans and animals. Jayne has started me on a most welcome and needed journey. She has treated me in person and my poorly dog distantly. I am so very grateful for the help with my young dog’s health; he is nearly free of the symptoms that were troubling him and myself. This is truly amazing as the vets and referred specialists were unable to help.
I have also used Jayne to clear my home of any unnecessary energy and she has successfully performed a spirit release on my home. It is now a lovely relaxing, healthy environment which I am able to flourish in. A truly 5 star service and experience. It’s revolutionised my life.”
Nicola B, Animal Reiki, Distant healing, Spirit Release – Energetic Clearing, Jan 2017

“Jayne is a very very lovely lady to work with. I did my Reiki course on a one to one basis as I work full time, so we planned a mutually convenient time. I instantly felt at ease with Jayne and was overwhelmed by her knowledge. I would thoroughly recommend YOU REIKI. I will be doing more courses with Jayne and will be attending some Reiki shares, to help me become more confident and gain more experience. I look forward to my next experience with Jayne that will assist me in my change of career.”
Dawn T, Animal Reiki Training, Sep 16

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jayne over the last few months with the CAP program and distant healing sessions.  Her work and ability to integrate so many facets of spiritual development are unique and so in depth. I have had astrology and Soul Centred sessions with others but Jayne has proven to be so different and what I would want from someone who is working at the deepest level of the spirit and soul.
Her astrology reading and CAP is like no other.”

Vina P, CAP – Cosmic Alignment Program & Distant Healing Sessions, 2016

“Recently completed a 14 week Mindfulness for Daily Living Program with ‘You Reiki’. I was absolutely delighted with the teaching, level of service and communication. The program was on a 1-1 basis, it covered a wide range of topics and was both theoretical and practical in nature. I gained a great deal of insight into how Mindfulness can be applied in my daily life. It included a variety of techniques that I can use on a daily basis. By the end of 14 weeks I had an in-depth knowledge and insight into the subject and how I can apply it to my own life. I had a clearer understanding of myself and how I can employ the concept to allow me to flourish, in order to be the best version of me that I can be. I would highly recommend ‘You Reiki’ and I intend to continue further training with Jayne at ‘You Reiki’. Thanks for your vast experience, help & support”
Kim F, 14 week, Mindfulness for Daily Living Program, Feb – June 16

“I’m incredibly grateful for all that you have helped me with on this journey – Thank you.”
Nina H, Level One, Usui Reiki Training, May 16

“Recently completed a wonderful self-healing and re-balancing course which has facilitated a great deal of personal healing. It’s brought about a much greater sense of inner peace and self awareness. It’s also given me the techniques to continue to self-heal and greater clarity over my life purpose and put me on my path. Without Jayne’s exceptional skills this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you so much.”
Louise H, 14 Week, Self-healing Program, Jan – April 16

“A truly amazing day that’s brought me so much healing and clarity that I never thought was possible. It’s given me much greater insight and clarity on what I need to do to move forward in my life and fulfill my purpose. Without Jayne’s skill this wouldn’t have been possible. I will always be eternally grateful.”
Louise H, Soul Retrieval Workshop, Oct 2015

“Thank you Jayne for yesterday. It’s made me think about the rest of my life and how I’m going to  make some changes. You are a very wise person… there are some people who leave a special mark on your life, you are one of those people. I always appreciate all you have taught me.”
Liz B, Monthly Healing Seminars, October 2015

“I recently decided that I wanted to learn to meditate. Jayne at ‘You Reiki’ has proved to be an excellent teacher. She has guided me through the learning process. I have seen her on an individual basis. At each session she stretches and teaches me how to improve my practice. It is a wonderful journey of continuing learning, enlightenment and discovery. I can’t speak highly enough of her skills and am more than happy to recommend her service to anyone who is looking for a treatment or teaching within the holistic environment. Thanks Jayne for all your help and guidance.”
Kim F, Soul Guided Meditation, September 2015

“The Reiki training with ‘You Reiki’ has been second to none. I couldn’t have chosen a better Reiki Master Teacher. The structure of the course has been excellent. Enabling me to put into practice what I have learned and to gain experience. Many thanks to Jayne for her guidance and support. I’d highly recommend for anyone wishing to train or receive treatments as you won’t find better!”
Denise P, Level One & Two, Usui Reiki Training, September 2015

“Jayne has worked with me on location and distantly to energetically clear my space and assist in spirit release. She has succeeded where others have failed! The space is now transformed into a beautiful healing space. It feels totally different, much calmer and pleasant to be in. This has had a profound effect on me and my working space. Can’t really thank Jayne enough!”
Jen B, Spirit Release Work, (Energetic Space Clearance) May – June 2015

“I have received Reflexology and Reiki treatments. A deep and great experience. I would recommend ‘You Reiki’ to anyone looking for holistic health treatments or Reiki training and workshops. It’s a great, relaxed environment and all courses and treatments are delivered in a professional manner.”
Sarah R, Reiki & Reflexology treatments, June 2015

“I have just completed year one of the Cosmic Alignment Program. This course studies your birth chart and helps you to align with your life path by studying the planets and cosmos. The course was very in-depth and informative. Have booked on the second year.”
Sarah R, CAP – Cosmic Alignment Program, June 2015

“Very pleased with the course and service received. I really enjoyed it. Liked the flexibility and I could complete it at my own pace. Informative and professionally delivered. The support from Jayne was fantastic. I also attend weekly Reiki shares which are a great way to practice. I will definitely be continuing my Level Two at ‘You Reiki’.”
Sarah R, Level One, Usui Reiki Training, June 2015

“Superb Training. As a Reiki practitioner I initially went to Jayne for a treatment. I quickly realised she has extensive knowledge & expertise in many other areas. I have just completed a Reiki conversion course with Jayne and had a fantastic experience working alongside and applying her knowledge to my own practice. Throughout the training Jayne has remained professional, helpful, committed and certainly gone the extra mile. I hope to continue working with Jayne on my spiritual journey. My knowledge and confidence has grown so much as a result. Can’t really thank Jayne enough. A truly inspirational & lovely person, with obvious passion, commitment and love for Reiki!”
Jen B, Usui Reiki, Level Two, Conversion Training & Reiki Shares, May 2015

“I received a Reiki treatment from Jayne. I must say this was amazing. She works intuitively and takes time to provide feedback. Jayne ‘uncovered’ fascinating stuff about me and my past. Felt very powerful and emotional, yet at ease. I was so impressed I am continuing my Reiki training with Jayne, as I feel she has extensive knowledge in many areas other than Usui Reiki. Jayne truly cares about helping others and using this gift to promote well-being – Thank you – I’d definitely recommend her!”
Jen B, Reiki treatment, January / February 2015

“It was a very informative, moving and enlightening day. I came away feeling overwhelmed, in a good sense and wanting to learn more in time.”
Maria B, Introduction to Usui Reiki Workshop, January 2015

“My partner and I are both on our spiritual journey. Friends recommended Jayne after having successful treatments with her. Not having had Reiki before, we didn’t know what to expect. Jayne was exact and precise with her assessment of us. Giving us healing and guidance in ways to move forward on our spiritual paths. We would recommend anyone looking to use this form of treatment to book a session with Jayne.”
Fay & Stuart, Reiki treatment, December 2014

“I have been feeling really well after our first healing session. I had another psychic reading since and was told I have totally transformed myself positively! I am really glad. Thank you. You are amazing Jayne.”
Bella, Reiki treatment, May 2014

“It really was a pleasure to have you here and the positive response was unbelievable. I’m sure we will be wanting you back in the near future.”
Arcelor Mittal, Corporate Work, Oct  2013 to date

“Thank you very much Jayne. I certainly felt better after yesterday’s session.”
Paul (Head of Ops), Reiki Massage, Corporate Work, October 2013

“Really enjoyed the massage and your insight I found really interesting.”
Neil (Regional Sales Manager), Reiki Massage, Corporate Work, October 2013

“I have visited ‘You Reiki’ for treatments, Training and Workshops. Jayne is an outstanding Reiki Teacher and Practitioner. All delivered in great detail, tailored to my needs and with patience. Jayne is passionate about Reiki, never clock watches and is not about profit. Helping to practice Reiki with the purity and respect it deserves. Providing plenty of time to practice and work at my own pace. With Reiki shares for added support.”
Adele L, Level One, Usui Reiki Training, March 2013

“An enlightening experience. A very versatile Master therapist whose qualities are many. Some being patience, wisdom and a wide knowledge of Reiki and its healing benefits. Throughout my Reiki training, to Master level, which was very thorough, I learnt a great deal about Reiki energy and myself. It was a wonderful journey of learning about my fears, qualities and how to approach life in a completely different way. Reiki has given me a calmness and quality of life that is enriching and reassuring. Highly recommended.”
Liz B, Levels One – Three, Usui Reiki Training, January 2013

“An amazing experience!! ‘You Reiki’ provides a very friendly, professional service, in a very relaxed way. I’ve enjoyed every visit and will certainly be going back for more. Excellent value for money and I’ve had some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. Very highly recommended.”
Helen, Reiki & Counseling Treatments, January 2013

“You Reiki – well worth a visit – Jayne explained in detail how she worked and what we were aiming to achieve. I have used ‘You Reiki’ on many occasions and have never been disappointed. I would highly recommend.”
Susan E, Reiki treatments, Workshops & Distant Healing, December 2012

“A very powerful two days. I believe the start of a journey of self healing and forgiveness. I have been awakened to the power of the angels – long may they stay with me!”
Lou E, Triune Reiki Workshop, November 2012

“Thank you very much for always making me feel better and for giving me my light back.”
June O, Reiki treatment, July 2012

“Yet again, a brilliant experience that everyone should have!”
Ruth T, Level One, Angelic Reiki Training, February 2012

“I have found this to be really uplifting & it’s inspired me to pursue Reiki training and development classes – there is so much to learn.”
Ann C, Level One, Angelic Reiki Training, February 2012

“Was really surprised at how much I actually got. I wasn’t expecting some of it but it was good and made sense to me about where I am in my life and of certain fears and patterns that I have.”
Adele L, Past Life Workshop, December 2011

“The day has gone so quickly! So much to think about… Where do I start?! I have really enjoyed it. Thank you Jayne.”
Lindsay N, Past Life Workshop, December 2011

“Had a fabulous time learning Reiki with Jayne. Everything was very clear and easy to understand. I was given as much information as I wanted. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to start down the path of Reiki, attend ‘You Reiki’ with Jayne, as you couldn’t get a better teacher. Jayne has given me so much confidence in myself and my ability that I crave more!”
Ruth T, Level One, Usui Reiki Training, November 2011

“Excellent course, with strong, sound foundations of knowledge taught. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to practice Reiki (correctly), to enrich their journey of development.”
Lisa B, Level One, Usui Reiki Training, November 2011

“Enjoyed the day & learnt a great deal.”
Liz B, Advanced Past life Workshop, October 2011

“Thank you Jayne for facilitating a wonderful workshop at my home, which was very relaxing and brought more knowledge to me on a very interesting subject.”
Ann H, Angelic Reiki Workshop, August 2011

“A lovely day, at a nice pace. Energy was wonderful. Meditations were very enjoyable.”
Liz B, Angelic Reiki Workshop, August 2011

“Jayne is an exceptional teacher. She is eloquent, intuitive and tailors the needs of the course to the client, whilst always adhering to Usui principles. Reiki has changed my life. It has brought me untold development of my intuition, spirituality and has opened up a universe of opportunity and espousing that I could never have imagined before working alongside Jayne. I have nothing but praise for ‘You Reiki’ and Jayne. I would highly recommend for Reiki training or any other holistic treatment on offer.”
Mick W, Level One – Master Teacher in Usui Reiki Training, March 2011

“Thank you for all the help and information you have given me to help me on my journey to healing and growth, so I can help myself and others. The work you do is wonderful and very encouraging.”
Ann H, Level Three, Usui Reiki Training, 2008

“The training was excellent. The manual is very thorough, clear and easy to understand. The sessions were structured, thorough and relaxed.”
Diane R, Level One & Two, Usui Reiki Training, 2008

“Thank you for your help & support whilst on all three levels, which I have enjoyed.”
Shirley W, Level One – Three, Usui Reiki Training, 2008

“Loved the setting – so well thought out and calming before the session had even begun! Very interesting, with lots of info which I needed. Very professional approach – really felt listened to and respected. Sessions just went far too quickly! It was fantastic to see results as that spurred me on.”
Lisa H, Reiki treatments, 2007