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The year of Courage and Great Change …

This is the year our lives change. The energy is pushing us out of our cage asking us to find the Courage of our age. We are in the cusp of the Aquarian age and the 21st Century is the separating moment where we break free of the old earth ideology and 3D self. It’s time to let go of the life you know. The courage to go through your transformation is within you. Each and every-one of us will be tested to see if we are ready for our defining moment, where we choose truth and love over attachment and fear. The world is changing. There are revelations to come. New experiences are on the way. 

Stop holding on; where your life wants to change, let it. Where you need to grow, accept it. Bigger things are on the way that will put your existence into a whole new perspective. We’re talking fundamental change, so allow yourself to fundamentally change. We’ve been moving towards this shift in consciousness since the 1960’s but it is here. Pluto has us in its grip to show us our collective shadow and it hasn’t even warmed up on us yet. The next couple of years will be a necessary but bumpy ride. Jupiter in Pisces wants us to see our reflection, own our own shadow and finally become the change we need to be. This is our moment to win through to the next generation, heart centred, human beings that we are.

It’s the year to unite and right. Bigger things want to unite us in our common humanity, forcing us into the heart where we can truly embrace one another like never before. It’s the year of more than words. Life as we know it is coming to an end. Other life intelligence will make itself known on a wider scale over the next few years and the true earth story will be revealed. The world order and topography of the earth will change.

It’s the year of the purge and surge. The past and fear is rising up to be purged from our lives and DNA so we can surge forward. If you survive the next few years it will surely make you stronger and changed through to your very core. Because our inner core is going atomic and we are going quantum. We are having our inner, atomic explosion into a new strand of DNA and intelligence. Uranus is on the rise and the new earth paradigm shift is upon us. Don’t look away from yourself when it visits for your defining moment. Step out in courage and know your truth! Opportunity is knocking but not in the ways you expect. These are our defining moments.

It’s time to get clear on who you are. What you stand for and what makes you you. Only live by love based processing and decision making. Let the fear based go. It’s our final chance to tell the cosmos who we are. This year wants to unite us internally with our truth and with each other, in truth. Let us not fight but embrace and love one another just because we can, not because we have to. Let us choose to. The light in the heart centre will only switch on through true embracement and love based actions. Fear puts the heart out, courage awakens it. So it’s the year of many things because many things are coming. When the moment is right, let your courage and power unite.

Sometimes we search for our courage but it just isn’t there. We wait and it doesn’t show… but then, a moment arrives that makes us strive and unlocks our power, which unites with our courage which was there all along, waiting for our moment of emergence. Well the emergency is here. This is the year we realise we can fly and be free beings living in the heart. World events will throw off the shackles of the old regimes and we will emerge.  This year will draw us out of our cage and show us the door is open. It always was but we were just too afraid to see it. Our fear was driven by our attachment to what brought us comfort and a sense of security. The material world will change and so will we. Our lives will radically change over the next few years and we will come to see where we have compromised our own truth to feel safe but the illusion is being shattered so we cannot use the excuse any longer. The question is will you recognise your moment or retreat into the cage all over again under your own volition? Will you become your own jailor? The difference is this time you will know you are free and will have to live with yourself in the cage. The real emergency is whether you will choose to recognise you are free when freedom arrives.

You are growing in vibration and becoming heart centred. Don’t shut it down in fear. Don’t re-attach to the old third dimensional material self, recognise it has gone and that you are transforming. Embrace your own heart and spread your wings. Have the courage to fly free, even if it is your only flight. It will define you for the future age you are part of. We are immortal beings. The body may perish but your spirit will soar and you will realise you have prevailed. There is no death, just a new state of awareness and being. The world has awoken. Choose to be your highest expression. Time is running out to show the cosmos who you are. Your very spirit is on the rise. Fly. Be free!


Reiki for PTSD, stress and chronic conditions

Stress is unique to each of us. Whether it’s low level chronic stress or a traumatic experience, we can remain energetically stuck in states of imbalance without realising. We can be pushed off line gradually or in one moment. The body is designed to survive and evolve and will naturally tell us when something is tipping us into a state of imbalance.

Unfortunately, we misunderstand this process and end up strategizing and therapizing the recovery process itself instead of working pro-actively with it in order to complete the cycle and evolve beyond it. Instead our stress is triggered over and over as the body’s inner balancing mechanisms continue to attempt a rebalance. Most therapies just compound the problem, applying methods and techniques that focus on shutting down the rebalancing mechanisms themselves, so there is no recovery, just coping. Usually this supresses the trauma, only for it to resurface later or find a new outlet that we often fail to connect. When we work in synergy with the body’s energetic rebalancing mechanisms, we can support the natural processing. Promoting the natural recovery cycle and moving to completion.

The body is designed to rebalance and self-repair. Ironically, these natural rebalancing mechanisms are being misunderstood and identified as part of the problem. They are over medicated which leads to further suppression, when the body is naturally attempting to rebalance and re-cover. It will use any triggers as an opportunity to do so and push the emotional and mental aspects to a new and more balanced state. When the information is assimilated the stressors no longer trigger a panic attack or heightened emotional response and we move beyond fight flight into a new, more balanced and energetically centred state. Where the body can achieve homeostasis and begin to flourish and feel uplifted. It is no longer on high alert or continually looking for a threat as the energetic state has been restored and the body systems have received the messaging that they are out of danger. Then we can focus on new things and assimilate new information about the present and begin to feel as if we can move forward again. That’s because the body has completed the recovery cycle enough and is satisfied that the conscious self has not only identified the stressors but has a greater understanding of what knocked them off line so they are less likely to repeat the pattern and evolution has taken place.

The sooner we move through the natural recovery cycle the better our health becomes. The longer we stay stuck the more chronic our conditions become. We are then labelled and diagnosed and become attached to symptoms of simply being out of balance and the natural physical responses in the body that are in-built to help it flourish are suppressed. So we spiral into more medication and more illness.

If we are stressed our adrenal glands may be in a fight flight state, the thyroid may compensate and be thrown out of balance and a knock on effect ensues. Our lymphatic system becomes overloaded with stress hormones, our mental state, natural vitality and immune system is impacted. Overtime we become susceptible to more illness. We receive more diagnosis and spiral into more medication with their secondary effects. The longer it takes us to recognise the problem the body is flagging up the worse we get and during this process we are prescribed a host of medications to counter what really isn’t a problem at all but rather is part of the solution. Long term medication pushes the body into a deeper state of imbalance as it supresses the messaging systems and we just seem to get worse. This will continue until we take the time and make the effort to understand the symptoms and what they are telling us. We disassociate and see our physical problems as beyond our control and nothing to do with our emotional or mental state which is actually the source of the imbalance.

The body’s energy system is always directing us towards the solution and healing response. It knows the way back to balance. It is a part of us. We can start to listen to our body on a deeper level and choose to evolve beyond our current state. We can become more in touch with our energetic self and start working in synergy with our natural process of recovery. The fortnightly well-being group is perfect for this, or book a therapy session to journey to the source of your recovery. Counselling and coaching is also available.  Learn to trust your body again, it is unique and remarkable, just like you and it really does know the way back to balance! Distance no object, distant healing, Skype and telephone available. Please contact to book.

Reiki Massage: Re-mapping the body consciousness

The therapeutic touch can be amazing and is easily overlooked. It can have so many benefits, especially when applied in synergy with the body’s natural rebalancing mechanisms and energetic flows. Helping to remap the body consciousness, reconnect the inner spirit and re-enforce the body mind connection. Working energetically helps to center you in your being, ground you into your authentic self, boost your natural confidence and provide positive strokes to your being.

My unique blend of Reiki massage works in real time with the body’s energetic template, whether for remedial healing treatment, to re-instate energetic flows that have broken down and support the body’s recovery from injury, or to help correct the effects of longer term chronic imbalance that can manifest in a multitude of conditions through dis-ease, or for pure rejuvenation and alignment to your inner spirit.

Any physical, emotional or psychological condition has an underlying energetic imbalance. Corrections to misaligned energetic flows, positively supports the healing process and takes things further. Helping to overcome imbalance and create a positive effect. For insight into what your body is already working to correct and to learn what you can do to support your body’s natural healing mechanisms, book a Reiki Massage or Energetic Life Coaching session, for renewed self awareness of what is out of balance and to light the way forward.

Treat yourself to a metaphysical rebalance. Receive an energetic reading alongside your Reiki Massage to bring aspects of your being into alignment for a transformative approach. Working with the body’s energetic template and meridian flows, balancing the subtle bodies of your consciousness, for more lasting results and an out of this world treatment! Please contact for more information or to book. Gift vouchers available.

Healing packages to Rebalance & Refresh

With the current cosmic shifts occurring, it’s a great time to have an upgrade! The realms are expanding and quickening. Releasing new Akashic information into our consciousness, from our Soul plan. Revealing aspects of the authentic self and Soul assets that we should be integrating into our personality and harnessing. Check out the half and full day, mind, body, spirit packages under therapies. Including a Soul life reading and holistic treatment of choice from those offered. Plus, for the full day, you will go on to receive highly personalised energetic healing and rebalancing, for a renewed focus and sense of life direction. Keep up with the times and get yourself refreshed. Tune up to your true vibration for optimal life experience and enhanced sense of well-being. Go all out and get that energetic template tuned up!

Beyond the Mind!

The eternal presence is within each of us. Our complete essence that is beyond the ego, the personality and the mind, with all its constructs and narratives. Our enlightened journey on the earth plane is directing us evermore towards this state of being, where we experience at one-ment and a deeper sense of oneness with all creation and each other. Where there is no separation.

When we hold our pure essence, the ‘I AM’ presence, we find our optimal vibration. We can all learn to tap into our essence and hold it within our core, as it is what we truly are. When we remember to exist in this state, the physical body vibrates at its optimal frequency and the cells fall into harmonic resonance, for improved health and well-being. The mind finds clarity and wisdom, the spirit comes alive and drives us on our journey into our potential and true state of being.

We find peace and as we hold our pure essence, others naturally entrain to theirs. Situations heal, relationships and life becomes easier as we realise we can never be diminished, as our pure essence can never be destroyed or damaged. It is already complete. We move beyond fear and the personality. A deeper healing ensues as we find a sense of peace and fulfilment that we have searched for outwardly, realising it was always within us and available in any moment, beyond the illusions of the mind, its dramas and attachments. It is available right now! Choose to look within and realise you are already complete, you are already perfect and you will begin to live this and see it in others, so they can see it too!

Check out the workshop ‘Beyond the Mind and venture into your eternal essence! Book as a full day workshop, for yourself or your own groups, or in shorter life coaching sessions, to suit. Book a spiritual life reading for a new way forward! Distance no object, telephone and Skype available. Please contact to book.

Learn how to really let go!

Do we really know how to let go! How to release spent energy, clear the energetic template and re-program on deeper levels? Most of us process to a point, physically, emotionally, mentally but we don’t really let go fully on energetic and deeper subconscious levels, so the programs play on repeat.

Our subconscious patterns and fears can be revealed through our energetic template that we exist on and that always seeks balance and harmony with our innate purpose and inner spiritual direction. We are constantly re-enforcing our patterns and internal belief structures, through what we think we know and understand, so life becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, where we are caught in a perpetual loop of our own making. Our energy is used in suppressing and maintaining a comfort zone that is not necessarily what is best for us. We end up running on a very low percentage of our energy resource, as the rest is ploughed into emotional suppression to maintain a status quo. Over time these patterns become chronic and we stagnate. The body struggles to replenish on a physical level and begins to reflect our energetic, subconscious state. Any dis-ease is simply the body attempting to right itself and rebalance. However, in our topsy turvy world of conditioning we see that as the problem, not the resolution. Learning to let go teaches us how to listen again. Learn to come to know yourself again and tap into your potential rather than just running on low all the time! We don’t need to wait for it to get to that point. We can bring ourselves up to the moment and start tapping into our potential, so life becomes so much easier and much more fulfilling.

Check out the full day workshop on how to really let go! Really understand what we are holding onto subconsciously and how to bring ourselves up to date with our internal programming in order to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence and wisdom that can break us out of the loop! Truth is our energy always tells the truth and will always guide us correctly as it seeks harmony. The body knows the answers we need! Start listening!

You can book as a full day workshop, one to one, to suit, or as a coaching program if you need help or wish to embark on a deeper journey of transformation. You can also book for your own groups. Or book a one-off session for some initial insights or an energetic reading. You might be surprised at what is really in there! Learn to Let Go

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