Reiki is suitable for both people and animals and can be effective with a wide range of issues, from physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and behavioral. During treatments you will be seated or lying on a couch, fully clothed, with shoes removed. It may be necessary to place the hands on the body in various positions; however most of the work is performed in the energy field around the body. A full Reiki treatment usually lasts up to 1 hour. However, sessions may vary, especially for children, animals; or the frail, always ensuring you receive all that is needed at the time.

An initial, free consultation, with no obligation is available. If suitable, treatments can then be arranged. Discretionary home visits may be available – depending upon distance. Fuel charges will be added and agreed upon booking. Distance is no object to the delivery of Reiki treatments, so distant healing is also available with clients reporting positive results. Animal Reiki treatments are also available, which can be delivered in your own space or through distant healing. Animals are very receptive to Reiki and seem to respond well to its healing effects.

Distant telephone or on-line sessions also available. Please call or contact for details

Treatment discounts available for block bookings.

Full and half day packages also available. See other therapies for details

Price Guide for Reiki Treatments: 30 mins £48, 1hr upwards from £88

Full Reiki Treatment:

Through an all round approach, with Reiki delivered as needed, whether for relaxation, or deeper healing, focusing on specific areas as necessary, including chakra balancing, with feed back provided. Suitable for any condition or symptoms. Can help to bring a deeper sense of balance and well-being.

Reiki Relaxation Treatment:

To calm mind, body and spirit, promoting a sense of clarity, peace and well-being.

Chakra Reading & Re-balancing:

For insight into your Chakras and how you are using your energy. Learn about your energetic blocks and receive healing to re-balance. With feedback provided, for deeper self understanding and empowerment. Helping to bring an improved sense of well-being and clarity. Great for re-focusing your energy, upliftment and a new sense of life direction.

Reiki Rejuvenation: Energetic Facial 30 mins or Full Body from 1hr 

Reiki for rejuvenation. To detoxify, relax, calm, de-stress and rejuvenate. Increasing prana, or life force to depleted cells and body systems. Can be delivered as an energetic facial, upper body, or full body treatment, focusing on areas as needed. Can also be blended with Swedish massage techniques for deeper body work and healing effects as desired. See Other Therapies section for details of  Reiki massage.

Reiki Foot Treatment:

Soothing and relaxing Reiki foot treatment. Delivered through the reflexes of the feet, to overcome imbalance as needed. Working holistically, to help replenish, heal and detoxify.

Lower Body Treatment, Foot, Leg & Hip:

To help relieve pain, swelling or soreness in lower body, focusing on areas as needed. Promoting an overall sense of well-being.

Remedial Reiki Treatment:

Remedial and recovery treatments can help the body move through the healing process and positively aid recovery. Speeding up recoupment time after any intervention, trauma or injury, whilst supporting the body through its natural process of healing, for optimal results.

Aura Reading & Re-balance:

For insight into your energetic being and auric template. Learn what is re-balancing within you right now and where your energy is currently taking you. Your energetic bodies will reveal your sub-conscious patterns and what you are creating in yourself and your life. It will also reveal your true path in the moment and where your energy is meant to be guiding you forward. For greater clarity, insight, self understanding and life direction. Book to suit. Telephone or on-line available.

Immune system Re-balancing Treatment:

To help bring the immune system back into alignment with its true vibration. Re-activating the soul connection, to facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself and your true way forward. Bringing healing and transformation to mind, body and spirit. Great for obvious imbalances with the immune system or for anyone wishing to strengthen and build a deeper soul connection. Can also book as a full day workshop or therapeutic healing program. Telephone or on-line available.

Reiki Sound Healing Treatment:

Reiki through sound to heal on all levels of consciousness. Utilising the highly creative energy of sound and primordial cosmic vibrations, to activate the Atman or Soul aspect and essence of your being, bringing greater sense of balance to mind, body and spirit.

Crystal Reiki Treatment & Auric Dowsing:

Utilising the healing properties of crystals and dowsing. Uniquely blended with Reiki, to restore balance on all levels as needed and promote a sense of well-being.

Angelic Reiki Treatment:

Utilising the healing and transformative energies of the Angelic Realm to restore a sense of health and well-being, bringing a deeper sense of peace and clarity.

Guardian Angel Healing Treatment:

Receive healing and guidance from the one who knows you best. Your Guardian Angel knows the purpose of your existence on all levels and will lovingly guide and bring you healing, for clarity and a way forward. Full day workshop also available.

Isis Reiki Treatment:

Egyptian Reiki channelled through the archetypal healing energies of ancient Egypt, for deep healing and transformation on all levels as needed.

Atlantaen Reiki Treatment:

Healing on all levels as needed through the magical and subtle vibrations of ancient Atlantaen healing energies. Very deep penetration into the mind and psyche, relaxing and transformative. See Counselling for details of Hypno-Reiki.

Astrological Reiki Treatment:

To re-balance through cosmic forces and alignment. Bringing awareness on how the micro-cosm and macro-cosm exists within. How to harness these planetary, elemental and stellar energies, to cultivate a deeper sense of fulfilment and engagement with your life path. See Cosmic Alignment

Rays of the Unicorn Treatment:

Get ready for the future… it’s happening now! The energy of the future is being written right now. Awaken to your cosmic vibration and true life purpose in this expansion of consciousness. Re-balance your energy bodies. Synergize with your future life scripts. Get the most out of now and be as soul needs for its future effectiveness. Cultivate the right state to propel forward positively into the coming Age of Aquarius and vibrational shifts. Great for anyone ready to feel the exquisite energies of the futuristic, cosmic rays of consciousness and awaken to their deeper soul memories and abilities. Understand your place in now. Access your untapped potential and write it into your future life scripts. Book a re-balancing treatment or can also be booked as a  full day workshop, for yourself or your own groups.  Telephone and on-line available.

Past Life Regression & Healing with Reiki:

Through the balancing and healing effects of Reiki, to explore and re-integrate past life memories for a deeper self understanding and fuller life experience.

Distant  Healing:

Healing for yourself or someone else. An initial, free, telephone consultation is completed. Reiki can then be delivered in scheduled treatments, with full feedback provided at each session, or up to one hour can be delivered over a  period of time, as on-going healing and support, with feedback provided throughout. Great for one-off or chronic conditions. Also as a gift or for problem resolution. Please see Distant Healing for more information. Distant Shamanic Reiki journeying sessions also available.

Animal Reiki Treatments:

Individual prices to be arranged upon consultation. For a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Delivered in your own space or through distant healing to best suit your needs at the time. If you would like Reiki delivered in your own space, a fuel charge will be added and agreed upon booking. Reiki is a complement to conventional healthcare, so please ensure your animal receives the necessary treatment if unwell. Please see Animal Reiki for more information.

Reiki for overcoming limiting or destructive tendencies:

For both people and animals. To help raise self awareness and overcome the effects of imbalance on all levels as needed. Can help with anxiety, phobias, addictions, compulsions, or anything limiting to your potential to live a fuller life experience and sense of well-being, which is usually rooted in emotional imbalance. Counselling is also available separately, or combined with Reiki for a more proactive approach. Please see Counselling for more information.

Reiki for confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem:

Treatments can be focused on specific areas as needed. For a more positive self image, greater sense of personal identity and effectiveness. Promoting a sense of upliftment by raising awareness of underlying patterns to dis-ease. Helping to overcome obstacles to health and well-being. Especially good if you are feeling depressed, confused, need to build self worth, engage with a deeper sense of life direction and harness your personal power. Please see Counselling and Coaching section for more information.

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