Cosmic Alignment

Bringing astrological healing and your personal development to life… There are great and exciting cosmic shifts occurring, as we move evermore forward into the Age of Aquarius and a time of realising our personal power…

Natal Chart Reading: £225 (price includes 2 hr chart reading)

Astrological natal chart with personality profile for deeper insight and self understanding. Shining a light on your moods, inner wounds and karmic patterns. Raising awareness of your Soul growth and intended life path. Further coaching sessions can be provided to help identify areas for personal development, enabling you to use the chart as a healing tool and raise your energetic vibration, helping to actualise your potential and live your life purpose. A great way to work with micro-cosmic forces within, align and empower yourself further! Distant sessions also available via phone or on-line. Contact us

Astrological Reiki Treatment: 1 hr from £88 (Program of sessions from £495)

To re-balance your cosmic forces. Bringing alignment to micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic energies that are impacting upon your being. Highlighting what is currently out of balance or needs healing, for personal alchemy, life direction and empowerment.  Learn how to consciously utilise your planetary and stellar energies for a deeper self understanding and sense of fulfilment. Helping you to align with your life path and Soul purpose. Distant sessions also available via phone or on-line. Contact us

 The Comic Alignment Program helps you to align with and stay on your intended path
To thrive and flourish beyond Soul’s dreams!

CAP – Cosmic Alignment Program:

A program of applied practice: Learn how to align with cosmic forces for inner balance, harmony and living your ‘Dharma’ or ‘Life Path’. Suitable for anyone wishing to embark on a highly personalised journey of inner healing, cosmic and Soul alignment. Alchemising astrological, planetary and stellar forces to balance micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic energies, for raising your energetic vibration, improved well-being, life direction and empowerment. Program includes: 4 days, getting to know your natal chart. First installment £595. Followed by a course of cosmic alignment healing sessions. Second installment £495. Book onto a course currently running, or book to suit, for yourself or your own groups. The CAP program can be delivered to suit your schedule. If you are unable to do full days, other options are available. Distant sessions are also available via phone or on-line. Contact us

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jayne over the last few months with the CAP program and distant healing sessions.  Her work and ability to integrate so many facets of spiritual development are unique and so in depth. I have had astrology and Soul Centred sessions with others but Jayne has proven to be so different and what I would want from someone who is working at the deepest level of the spirit and soul.
Her astrology reading and CAP is like no other”

Vina P, CAP – Cosmic Alignment Program & Distant Healing Sessions, 2016

The Cosmic Alignment Program facilitates an enlightened journey into your being, to bring your inner, micro-cosmic forces into alignment with the outer macro-cosm; bringing you into harmony with Soul’s intended purpose, your current life path and the energy of NOW.

We journey into being at the optimal vibrational moment, to absorb all the cosmic forces needed to propel us through our lifetime and Soul’s intended purpose. This information is encapsulated in your astrological natal or birth chart and intrinsically within you. Your chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at the time of your birth, the macro-cosm that you travelled through and absorbed into your being. That moment was chosen specifically and with great care by your Soul. By coming to know your chart, you come to know your self and can more fully honour Soul’s needs and wishes for you in this life time.

The Cosmic Alignment Program is designed to awaken you to your Soul’s intentions. By coming to know your natal chart and micro-cosm, you can learn how to apply your energy more wisely and in harmony with the macro-cosm of now. Synchronising with the energy that will propel you through your life mission.

The CAP program is great for anyone wanting to learn how astrological forces constantly play out. You can begin to self actualise and flourish as your personal effectiveness increases, creating your intended reality and tapping into your potential; understanding your inner tensions and drivers that are ultimately there to help not hinder. Your chart will shed light on your moods and preferences. Helping you to understand the many unique facets of yourself and personality, and more importantly how to harness and master these, so you use your emotions and desires to create on new levels within and without; creating a new life paradigm and daily experience.

The CAP program is also a great asset to any therapist. Learning about the life stages and planetary transits that are constantly impacting. You will learn to use the moon phases in a highly personalised manner to create what Soul intended for you. You will learn to awaken and master your will as you build a greater understanding of where Soul has placed it and why.  You will learn about your karma, your hidden potential, your Soul’s past experience, what it needs to heal and how to better apply its vast wisdom and much more. Ultimately you will come to see how invaluable astrology is in helping yourself and others to flourish. Soul didn’t just send us off with nothing, it carefully packed what we needed, knowing that current cosmic forces would help our journey unravel and guide us towards our uniquely personal evolutionary goals.

The Cosmic Alignment program is perfect for anyone seeking self-mastery and an enlightened journey. Without this awareness we stumble through life, all too often unaware of possibilities passing us by and our true creative potential. Our micro-cosm is unique to us and our Soul’s journeying, holding many secrets that are meant to be revealed to us through our life time.

We can learn to unlock the secrets within and to recognise them in order to flourish.
Learning that what we struggle with the most is often our greatest asset
once more fully understood and ultimately mastered.

Astrology helps you make sense of yourself and your life,
what has been, what is and what can be.

Harness your Natal Moon Workshop: Full day £345

Learn how to connect with your natal moon and synchronise with the current moon placement, for deeper self understanding, insight into your moods and bio rhythms. Learn how to harmonise with natural cycles for optimal health and well-being. Harness your creative power and enhance your intuition. Bringing mind, body and spirit into balance, for improved clarity and a fuller life experience. Your natal moon holds your past programming and reveals how this manifests in you and your life. It is also the key to healing and overcoming. Highlighting the path to your potential, authentic self and life purpose. You will learn skills you can continue to apply in your daily living for transformation. How to set personalised intentions and reprogram deep seated, chronic and karmic patterns. Book onto a workshop currently running or arrange your own to suit. You can also book for your own groups. Distant on-line, or shorter coaching sessions also available, to suit. Please contact for details.

NAP – Nodal Alignment Program: (life path alignment): 1 hr from £88 (Program of sessions from £495)

Astrologically our True Node defines our Soul purpose. The closer we align with it in our vibration, the more we become our authentic self and live our true path. Our True Node hardwires us to fulfill Soul’s destiny and succeed. The Nodal Alignment program is a program of energetic re-balancing sessions to bring you closer to your authentic self and true vibration. To help you move into alignment with your True Node and your true Soul purpose. Life path alignment sessions will attune you to your true path and consciousness. Promoting inner harmony, wellness, self realisation and clarity. Bringing you into alignment with your true destiny. Great for understanding what you are here to learn and accomplish and how to harness your true Soulability and vast Soul experience. Can book as one-off re-balancing and alignment sessions to suit, or a program of sessions. Also available as a full day workshop. Distance no object, telephone and on-line available.

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