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Be your best self…

The next 2 years brings about a cycle of profound change. The first part of this decade has been a wild ride, but hold onto your hats as it’s going to ramp up. We’re not done yet! We have the chance to choose the way things go, but that is down to each one of us choosing to be our best self. What we present to the world and put out there will extrapolate out and define the way we go forward as a race. Pluto in Aquarius until approx 2043 is asking us to present our best light or we will become our worst. Being absent on ourselves will create a void that will be filled with darker forces and our shadow will define what we become. Our world will either resonate with our best expression or our worst and that is down to each one of us choosing who we are. The shadow side of the human race is already rearing its head and we are becoming a race who attack, vilify and oppress each other through our delusions. Judging one another through a faulty lens of reactionary conditioning. Things will get even more twisted. The world will turn on its head. Right will be wrong and wrong will be right.

There is a way out of this, it’s not too late… Those who want to take self-responsibility and start living as compassionate, intelligent beings can move forward. Those who don’t take this opportunity to be responsible, will be warped and governed by darker forces and the collective shadow will grow, as we allow our individual shadow to define who we are. The time has come to be present on ourselves or our absence will create an inner void where our worst expression will take hold and begin to write our story.  

Will you be the first to let go? The first to take responsibility and harness your power to express through the heart as a loving, peaceful being? It’s imperative that we don’t turn our back on ourselves and give up. We can be our best expression. If we start being responsible and come from the heart… But, will you go first? Because the truth is we have the power to change our trajectory, if we each use it with love and not righteous anger. Right now, our polar opposites are sitting next to each other and the scales can tip either way. You have the power to choose which way this energy goes. Will you use it? Will you realise just how powerful you are, when the world seems to be taking on a life of its own, beyond your control, will you wake up, choose peace, choose heart and choose love? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can’t make a difference. Each one of us is the difference we want to see in the world, when we choose to start being it. This is our chance. Let us not blow it!  Begin now, with your next inter-action. Put out love. Create harmony and peace. Go beyond your differences and be kind. Just because you can. Let’s put that energy out there, so we become it. That power is with you, right now! Book a soul reading, or healing for your focus in 2024. Distance no object. Online and telephone available. Contact to book.


It’s all about the heart right now

There’s some great cosmic downloads coming your way, be available for it by having the right focus… Soul took a blend of its awesomeness and molded it into you! So you are designed to be great at being you! Your heart holds the authentic you, so trust and start listening to it.

There’s a big download of Soul coding trying to get through to you right now and throughout August, so be aware of the heart and centre there – don’t let the mind block you receiving this moment! Become your truth by expressing it and remember, what is in your heart, you are destined to be, so anything less will just be settling. Don’t settle for a lesser version than you deserve to be, as it will just pull you down, while the cosmos is doing its best to lift you. There’s work to do with this energy so don’t miss out! Update yourself and get your true coding in as you put your focus in the right place – your heart! If you’re confused about your way forward, you’re focus is off. Get aligned and learn how to be your path. Use the mindfulness, Wednesday group sessions to rebalance, re-focus and understand the cosmic dynamic, or book a one-to-one Soul healing session or Akashic Soul reading. It’s all up to you! How available are you being to yourself, your heart and your truth right now?

Heal your past life wounds to go forward

Past life wounds and patterns are being pushed to the surface as we progress through the quickening in consciousness, which will surely ramp up this year to take us forward…

You may be feeling stifled, blocked in your life path or stunted. Your behaviour repeating patterns of the past and feeding the cycle. The body will also release past life wounds through miasms – chronic conditions – that surface through the body physically to be dealt with. As the body becomes overwhelmed with your emotional baggage it is pushed out and manifests in dis-ease. You may dis-associate from it and say ‘it’s just the body doing its thing’, or ‘its nothing to do with me’, or ‘its just clinical’ … but its everything to do with you. You are existing on your emotional template right now that you have created from past choices and the physical body and mental state are a representation of this. Your inner balancing mechanisms will seek a way to show you what has been buried at every opportunity. This is the opportune moment and the surfacing will getting stronger through this year as the energy quickens to push you towards your authentic self that is willing the personality on the surface to acknowledge and embrace it.

The moment is asking each of us to acknowledge our suffering that feeds our behaviours, the subtle and not so subtle, our deeper wounds and emotional turmoil or psychological distress that plays out through mental imbalance we label and medicate, or suppress and try to ignore. Re-suppressing just keeps us in the cycle of repeating and exhausts us.

It’s the perfect time to work with the body mind connection, which knows the way forward. The answers are already trying to push through. You can learn to work with this inner processing and go with the moment for overcoming. It’s the perfect time to push on through and make the changes. You have an inner resource just waiting to be engaged by you. If you want clarity on your patterns, on your way forward and to set yourself free, book a healing session, a soul based Akashic life reading, counselling or life coaching. Choose to use the moment positively and ride through for a deeper understanding of yourself and your life purpose. The way forward really is within you! You have the road map, you created it! You know the way out of your pain! For a deeper self understanding and to learn how to use this moment, make the choice today! For those who therapy hop or constantly seek someone to fix them, or don’t even go there and ignore what is manifesting, it’s time to follow through.

Work with a therapist that truly is ready to engage you with your soul self and empower you to manifest your own healing. It is you who has the answers! Need help identifying them and understanding them… then contact. Therapies can be combined for effectiveness. Distant healing, counselling and coaching sessions also available via telephone and skype. For your way forward, please contact to book now.

Beyond the Mind!

The eternal presence is within each of us. Our complete essence that is beyond the ego, the personality and the mind, with all its constructs and narratives. Our enlightened journey on the earth plane is directing us evermore towards this state of being, where we experience at one-ment and a deeper sense of oneness with all creation and each other. Where there is no separation.

When we hold our pure essence, the ‘I AM’ presence, we find our optimal vibration. We can all learn to tap into our essence and hold it within our core, as it is what we truly are. When we remember to exist in this state, the physical body vibrates at its optimal frequency and the cells fall into harmonic resonance, for improved health and well-being. The mind finds clarity and wisdom, the spirit comes alive and drives us on our journey into our potential and true state of being.

We find peace and as we hold our pure essence, others naturally entrain to theirs. Situations heal, relationships and life becomes easier as we realise we can never be diminished, as our pure essence can never be destroyed or damaged. It is already complete. We move beyond fear and the personality. A deeper healing ensues as we find a sense of peace and fulfilment that we have searched for outwardly, realising it was always within us and available in any moment, beyond the illusions of the mind, its dramas and attachments. It is available right now! Choose to look within and realise you are already complete, you are already perfect and you will begin to live this and see it in others, so they can see it too!

Check out the workshop ‘Beyond the Mind and venture into your eternal essence! Book as a full day workshop, for yourself or your own groups, or in shorter life coaching sessions, to suit. Book a spiritual life reading for a new way forward! Distance no object, telephone and Skype available. Please contact to book.

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Great to have you with us. I will be posting articles in the near future, relevant to the Great Cosmic Shifts occurring at this momentous time, as we progress further into the Age of Aquarius and a new Earth vibration. Bringing us ever closer to our unique and individual truth and Soul vibration. It’s a challenging yet exciting time!

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