Further Development

Learn to channel to your full potential! ‘You Reiki’ is committed to helping those practicing Reiki, Mediumship or using psychic skills to flourish and further develop channelling technique and ability. Enhancing current practice, whether for personal development or in a professional capacity. There is also a range of other support available, which is detailed below and throughout this website.

Telephone and on-line available: Please Contact

Personalised Coaching Sessions: 30 mins £48, 1 hr from £88

To further develop your channelling technique and effectiveness, whether for healing, psychic, mediumistic practice or personal development. To help you tap into your infinite potential, connect with your higher mind and inner guidance, with objective feedback and support provided. Work is also performed in the aura as needed through Reiki to further open and clear the meridians, re-balance the chakras and attune you to your guidance systems, to optimise your channelling ability. Please see Psychic Development for more information.

Attunements: to raise your energetic vibration and level of consciousness

Available to anyone wanting to further open the chakras and meridians. Reiki attunements can help to deepen your connection to the Universal Energy Field, (UEF) and within yourself. For self healing, personal development or re-connection to Reiki and healing energies if desired. Whether for healing, mediumship, increased psychic awareness, self development or to enhance channelling ability and raise your level of consciousness.

Usui Reiki Attunements: £95 each

Reiki Supervision & Support: 30 mins £48, 1 hr from £88

Supervision and support to help manage your current caseload and receive direction to develop your practice, helping you to work safely and effectively, to your full potential.

Practitioner Support: 30 mins £48, 1 hr from £88

Help and support can be provided to healing practitioners for aspects of professional delivery. To review and improve on current delivery methods and practice. Service is tailored to your needs and focused on areas you feel you need to develop to help your practice grow.

Reiki Training Manuals: £68 each, plus postage & packaging

Comprehensive Usui Reiki training manuals from Level 1-3a, can be purchased individually. Especially good for filling gaps in knowledge or enhancing your current practice.

Consultation Package: from £365

Help and advice to Reiki practitioners regarding the consultation and treatment process, with a consultation and treatment package available that can be tailored to your business needs.

Distant Healing Workshops:

To develop your remote healing practice. You must hold a Level 2, Reiki certificate or spiritual healing qualification. Please see Workshops section for details.

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