Soul Therapies

Soul Guided Therapies work in real time with your Soul Energy to provide energetic healing, guidance and support in the present moment.

Soul Guided therapy is a system of re-integration between Soul, Ego and the Self. Working in synergy with your Soul and higher mind for guidance in your current life circumstance and state of being. Soul therapies can help to propel you on your journey through applied insights and greater self understanding.

Distant sessions available via telephone and on-line. Please contact for details

Price Guide: 30 mins £48, 1hr from £88, Therapeutic Program from £495

Soul Guided Therapy:

Therapy sessions work directly with your Soul Energy in the moment, to bring you healing, insight and clarity. Soul Guided Therapy works in harmony with your Soul and higher mind, cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself and your life experiences, whilst also bringing the healing and resolution needed. Delivered through an eclectic approach, integrating psycho-therapeutic techniques, energetic and spiritual coaching, counseling and healing as needed. For a highly pro-active approach. Helping you to align with your life path and purpose, for a fuller experience and understanding of life, with an improved sense of direction and focus. Learn how to harmonise with your Soul Energy and cultivate a greater awareness of your creative power, for a deeper sense of peace and fulfilment. Telephone or on-line available.

Soul Based Akashic Life Readings:

Soul based, Akashic, life reading, for clarity, life direction and empowerment. Receive guidance from your spiritual support networks to help in any areas of your life, personal development or healing. Book to suit. Telephone and on-line available – contact us

Soul Based Akashic Life Reading with Reiki:

For insight and help to heal yourself and your life. Receive healing and direction to assimilate changes needed for transformation. Book to suit. Telephone or on-line available. Therapeutic programs, Akashic healing and re-balancing workshops also available.

Soul Healing & Akashic Re-programming Treatment:

Soul healing sessions to re-program your Energetic Template or Soul blue print. Accessing the Akasha and Soul programming to heal any patterns that can be overcome. Clearing chronic Soul conditioning that has built through life times and that can be relinquished through greater awareness and understanding. Helping to bring healing on all levels, as needed. Highlighting a new way forward and a renewed sense of self and purpose. Telephone and on-line available, or book a full day workshop or therapeutic program of healing. Please contact

Daily Soul Message: £25 per week

Receive a soul message for your daily healing and focus. Find out what your energy is doing and how your soul’s guidance is trying to get through to you in real time each day. To help you focus and grow in the right way, develop your consciousness, raise self awareness, heal and go forward. Ideal if you seek a pro-active approach to your self, your life and your purpose. Book weekly, as desired. Messages will be delivered automatically, Monday-Friday. Also a great gift idea. Please contact if you wish to book.

5th Level Template Healing:

Accessing healing vibrations directly from the 5th dimensional Ascended Realm. To help restore the body’s template – the energetic blue print – that supports the 3rd dimensional physical aspects of body and mind. Deep healing sessions to help heal chronic patterns feeding into the 3rd dimensional conscious you, working especially on the body’s template to facilitate change, bring a renewed sense of balance and well-being, promoting homeostasis. Sessions can also be delivered over distance, with feedback provided. Please contact to book

For Soul Guided Meditation please see Mindfulness

For more options, including individual, couples, relationships, families and group therapy, please see Coaching

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