As we shift in consciousness and expand in vibration the inner realms are opening us to new and exciting ways of working, where we can develop a pure soul link and access the Akashic realms for both our self and others. If you feel you have a purpose in this new age of expansion, this course is a great way to begin your journey, or to enhance your current practice if you already use the tarot.

‘Awakening the tarot within’ will help you become your archetypal self and access your full blend of spirit soul chose you to be in this lifetime. Working the 21st century way, on a soul link, is a pure way of working that will resonate with your true life purpose and soul ability. If you want to self-develop or provide soul readings at a higher level of consciousness through the archetypal tarot this course is for you.

Awakening the Tarot within: £595:

A highly unique way of working that is available on the shift in vibration. A 4-6 month course that will help you journey to your true blend of spirit and flourish in your soul purpose. You will come to understand the tarot and yourself in new and exciting ways that will bring a fuller life experience and further open your inner pathways.

Whether you are a novice or experienced, this course will tap into your potential and take you to new levels of self-understanding, working with your guidance and true soul abilities. You will develop new links to your guides through an enlightened journey that is truly soul-led and will help raise your vibration, enabling you to synchronise with the new vibrational links and information becoming available to all souls through the current cosmic expansions. Your readings will be new, fresh and highly relevant.

You will attune to your Soul’s higher plane connections within your own consciousness and access the 6th Dimensional archetypes and masters available through your own soul link. Awakening your consciousness in new ways, harnessing your inner blend, building the skill and ability to read for yourself and others if you wish.

Awakening the tarot within is great for your own self-development and for professional readings, especially if you are serious about going forward in the new age vibration.

Bookings: You can book your very own tarot course, one-to-one, to suit, which can be delivered in person or on-line. You can also book the course for your own groups if there are others you know want to develop. Or you can arrange one-off tutorials, for yourself or your own groups. This can all be done remotely, on-line, so distance is no object. There is also a tarot group space available to attend or join on-line.

One-off tutorials: 30 mins £48, 1 hr from £88 (discounts available for block bookings and groups) Distance no object, attend in person or on-line. Book to suit.

Tarot Group: £25 (Thursday evenings, 7-9pm)

Suitable for all levels of skill and ability. You will learn how to work with the tarot and develop your psychic abilities, as you deepen your connection to your guidance networks and inner archetypes that resonate with the tarot. A unique way of working that is great for your own personal development, for giving readings, or to enhance your current practice and understanding of the tarot. You can attend to suit on-line. Distance no object.

Please contact to find out more, book a course, a tutorial, or attend the group space. Gift vouchers available.