The Year of TRUTH…

There’s a great wave of energy coming this year, with the power to propel us forward in our understanding. To shift us to a new level of consciousness and show us what we are truly capable of…

We are loving, compassionate beings… with great abilities. Together we have the answers and together we can grow. The Age of Aquarius is awakening each one of us to the uniqueness of what we are. If you feel a deeper need to reconnect with yourself, your talents and creative power, then follow it. It’s the heart speaking to you. Your skills are needed. You are necessary.

As a collective we fit together perfectly. Every one of us has a place and a part to play in the shift in consciousness that is upon us – it’s our awakening. For those ready to switch on to their greater intelligence and use it… this year will lift you to a new place, where the heart is the new root or foundation of what you are and you begin to remember your power and true response-ability, where you can respond creatively to the world and become part of the greater solution.

This year splits those who are still asleep and reactionary from those who are ready to be creative beings, seeking greater solutions that come through embracing the uniqueness of the self and others. You are part of the answer to a real, sustainable way forward. We need each other. Not one of us can do this alone. It’s time to start asking yourself what you can offer the world. How you can make the difference we all need.

Through this year the energy will lift you into your heart, the more you choose to use it and relate from there, the more you find the heart of yourself. So reach out, offer help, first to yourself by listening to that beating rhythm of change beckoning from within and then reach out to see where you can put your unique talents to work. The collective is on the rise. The heart of humanity is opening. Get to the heart of yourself and seek what it has to offer, then share it, celebrate it and become the answer.

We are not helpless, we are not hopeless and… we are not alone.

To find out what the soul of you is seeking, book a soul healing or reading and be ready to see your bigger picture and know your greater truth again… or join the Wednesday, Age of Aquarius channelling group, to understand the current cosmic backdrop and your purpose within it. Let your Soul show you the way forward – receive a real time, unique, daily Soul message to align with your truth and be guided forward. This is it. The energy is upon us. Are you ready?

To be ready for the shift in April, discounted rates apply to soul readings booked in by the end of March 2021. Simply quote ‘Blog’ upon booking to receive the discounted rate. Limited spaces are available.