Distant Healing

As Reiki works energetically, services can be provided over distance.

Distant Healing can be effective with a wide range of issues, with positive results reported. Sessions can be booked as one-off treatments, or to work through a process of healing and re-balancing. There may also be times when distant work is more appropriate, such as with children, the elderly, acute illness, behavioral issues, psychosis, dementia and other conditions, or simply where the recipient is inaccessible or out of the area. Suitable for both people and animals. For physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or behavioral issues. On-line or telephone sessions available. Call or contact for details.

Price Guide: 30 mins £48, 1 hr from £88, on-going support – 1 hr top-ups £68

Distant  Healing:

Healing for yourself or someone else whenever you need it! An initial telephone consultation is conducted, then you can relax in your own space at an agreed time and receive healing, feedback is provided during the session. You can also top up by the hour and receive on-going healing and feedback via text when healing comes through. A great way to help with life choices, for day-to-day well-being, self development, or maybe you, a relative or friend is struggling to cope.  Great for support or insight into any areas, helping to find a way forward. Can also be helpful with recovery or palliative care, with positive results experienced.  Crisis sessions can also be arranged if you feel you need support or healing. Please call or contact for further details.

Distant Shamanic Reiki Journeying Treatment:

Distant Shamanic Journeying sessions are available through Reiki for clarity, insight and healing on any issue, problem or condition. A free, initial, telephone consultation will be conducted, then you can relax in your own space and experience a Shamanic Journeying session. Feedback will be provided during the session.

Distant Angelic Reiki Treatment:

You will be surrounded by the loving and uplifting energies of the angels, for healing, insight or resolution as needed. A lovely, relaxing and deep healing treatment. Promoting the presence of your personal Angels and Guardian Angel as you relax in the comfort of your own space.

Crisis sessions: book if you feel you need support or healing, with counseling and coaching also available as necessary – contact

Distant Healing Recovery sessions: Reiki can help the body move through the healing process and positively aid recovery. Speeding up recuperation time after any intervention, trauma or injury, whilst supporting the body through its natural process of healing, for optimal results.

Problem Resolution: Distant healing can also help with problem resolution or relating, behavioral and family issues, providing healing and insight where possible. Sessions can be combined with counseling or coaching, for greater effectiveness. Enabling energetic re-balancing and healing to occur. Allowing for a more pro-active approach, bringing deeper understanding and working towards resolution, with deeper insight, clarity and direction.

Distant Animal Reiki treatments: are also available. These are often better performed through distant healing, with feedback and insight provided. Distant animal communication sessions also available to build awareness of your animal’s needs, to receive healing and resolution where needed, strengthening the bond between you, or simply to pamper and help them feel special! Please see the Animal Reiki section for more information.

Distant healing gift vouchers available: Great as a gift for someone to receive a distant healing session, to be pampered or receive healing and upliftment in their own space! Please call or contact to order.

Distant Healing Workshops and coaching sessions available: to further develop your remote healing practice. You will need to hold a level 2, Reiki certificate or spiritual healing qualification. Please see Workshop section for more details.

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