Animal Reiki

Being closer to nature and more tuned into natural rhythms and vibrations, animals are usually very responsive to Reiki and ready to communicate energetically. This can offer insight into issues or problems affecting behavior or the emotional and psychological well-being of an animal, as well as providing healing and help towards recovery.

Animals seem to enjoy Reiki and respond well to its healing effects. Treatments can be delivered in person or through distant healing. Feedback is provided during or after treatment as appropriate. Specific outcomes can never be promised. Experienced in a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Including trauma, stress and effects of abuse. Working closely with a variety of animals, including horses, with positive results reported.

Reiki is a complement to conventional healthcare,
so please ensure your animal receives the necessary treatment if unwell
and appropriate emergency care where necessary

Animal Reiki Treatments:

For physical, emotional, psychological or behavioral problems. Treatments can be delivered in your own space or through distant healing to best suit your needs at the time. If you would like Reiki delivered in your own space, a fuel charge will be added and agreed upon booking. Individual prices are to be arranged upon request. Please contact to discuss your needs.

Animal Contacts:

All animals have a purpose. They are connecting more closely with human beings to help us grow and raise our vibration. They are going through immense change and working hard to help us evolve.

If you would like to connect more deeply with an animal, provide the opportunity for an energetic communication and for them to receive healing, sessions can be provided. Great for strengthening the relationship between you and your animal, responding to its emotional needs more fully and sending it love through a Reiki treatment. Also a good way to pamper your pet or animal and promote well-being. Please contact for details.

If you would like to learn Reiki healing or to work with Animal healing please see Training

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