Counselling is available either separately or combined with Reiki and mediumship for a more proactive approach, helping to bring about a deeper healing and sense of well-being. Individual sessions or therapeutic programs can be booked to suit.

A deeper understanding of the psyche and personality can develop when we engage with subconscious aspects more directly. Reiki promotes this approach and is combined with counselling to identify and help overcome underlying drivers to imbalance, whilst initiating the necessary healing to facilitate more lasting results. Insights can be applied and support provided, through a deeper process of change and transformation where possible. Energetic healing and re-balancing is delivered and drives the counselling session, to bring focused healing where it is most needed. Combined treatments can be very effective at getting to and helping to heal, the heart of the problem.

Delivered by qualified and experienced Psycho-therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, through professional standards as a Master Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation.

Individual, couples, relationship, family and group therapy sessions available. See Coaching for details

On-line and telephone appointments are available for Counselling, Coaching or Distant Healing. Please call or contact for details.

Price Guide: 30 mins £48, 1 hr upwards from £88, Therapeutic Program from £495


Through an eclectic approach of  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (CBT), Person Centred & Psychodynamic methods. For a wide range of conditions or problems. Helping with physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual well-being. Learn how to overcome grief, loss, anger, stress, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, phobias, compulsions, addictions, fatigue, negative self image, inner lack, depression and so on. Build confidence, self worth, self esteem,  self awareness and acceptance. Arriving at personal effectiveness, self actualising and fulfilment. All counselling aims to identify and overcome driving forces behind symptoms for lasting results. Sessions are highly tailored to individual need and overcoming. Using a proactive approach, bringing deeper self awareness, empowerment and the ability to self manage.

Combined Counselling & Reiki: (for deeper healing & re-balancing)

Reiki and counselling can be combined for deeper healing, to help achieve a lasting sense of well-being. Especially helpful for exploring and overcoming underlying driving aspects and issues on all levels as needed. Often we talk about what we think the problem is – Reiki can help to promote self-healing from within and propel you through the healing process, highlighting underlying driving aspects and bringing about the necessary changes energetically, which helps to manifest a deeper sense of transformation and self understanding for lasting results. Can be helpful with chronic conditions on all levels. Can also help to let go of past issues, or anything holding you back, bringing a new sense of life direction and self empowerment. Includes Reiki as needed, for energetic healing, alignment and re-balancing.

Meta-physical Counselling:

Metaphysical counselling works in synergy with your energetic template and bio feedback to help heal and re-balance underlying drivers to imbalance. Your body is already working to heal and re-balance itself and knows the best way forward, whatever the issue. Metaphysical counselling will bypass the mind and symptoms and work with the body’s energetic healing systems to help restore balance as needed for effectiveness. Work will be performed in the energetic template for more lasting results, with feedback provided. Can be booked as individual sessions or as a therapeutic program. Please contact to book.

Spiritual Counselling:

Spiritual counselling, through a Soul connection, to help identify aspects for healing and transformation. To guide you on a journey to well-being and a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment. Through an eclectic approach, including Soul Guided Meditation techniques, energetic healing and chakra re-balancing as needed. Working holistically, on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

Karmic Counselling:

Counselling the karmic way brings insight and clarity directly to your issues. There is no processing to get to the root of it – your karmic bodies in your consciousness hold the information that is trying its best to get through to you and help you heal and move forward. When you have learnt and understood what your consciousness is trying to teach you through your life, the way forward is available. Book a session to understand your karmic landscape and what is ready to reveal and heal. You won’t look back! Please contact to book.

Soul Retrieval & Extraction Therapy with Counselling:

To help overcome deeply ingrained, limiting or destructive patterns, feeding into the psyche. Through a highly unique blend of re-integrative therapies. For a deeper healing experience and greater self understanding. Applying soul retrieval and extraction techniques where needed. Cultivating a state of inner harmony, balance and well-being. Restoring homeostasis to the body and mind. Especially helpful with feeling low, loss, bereavement, attachment or addiction, obsessions, compulsions, phobias, depression, stress, panic, trauma, PTSD, along with many other conditions. Where parts of the soul energy leave the body when traumatised. Can also be delivered as a Shamanic Reiki treatment or full day healing workshop – see Shamanic Reiki or Workshop section.

Heal your Addictions: (includes Reiki & chakra re-balancing)

Heal the inner lack driving addictive behaviours. Through a blend of meta-physical healing and re-balancing with counselling as needed, to understand the bigger picture from a Soul perspective. Getting to the underlying driving aspects, to heal on deeper levels and facilitate a new way forward, for real and more lasting transformation. Can be booked as a one off treatment or as a therapeutic process of healing sessions. Can also book as a full day healing and re-balancing workshop. Telephone and on-line available.

Hypno-Reiki: (includes Reiki & chakra re-balancing)

A blend of psycho-therapeutic and meta-physical healing, with Atlantaen mind techniques, for deeper penetration into the subconscious and super-conscious realms. Highlighting destructive thought patterns and limiting tendencies. Promoting a greater sense of peace and positive expansion. Helping to restore balance to mind, body and spirit.

Trauma Release: (includes Reiki & chakra re-balancing)

Counselling and Reiki combined to help overcome the effects of trauma and post traumatic stress. Reiki can help with deeper healing, letting go and changing patterns on all levels. Reintegrating traumatic memories, reinstating a sense of balance and equilibrium, for an increased sense of well-being and effectiveness. Energetically we can remain in a state of chronic shock where the body systems struggle to re-balance after a traumatic experience or period of pro-longed trauma. Meta-physical healing can help bring the body back into energetic alignment with itself, out of fight, flight or freeze mode and re-establish a sense of balance and well-being. Can be booked as individual sessions as needed, or as a therapeutic program.

Intuitive Grief Counselling: (with healing and mediumship)

To heal and overcome the effects of loss. Helping with letting go and finding a deeper sense of peace. Bringing new direction, clarity and restoring energy following emotional trauma. Includes energetic healing, chakra re-balancing and mediumistic communications as needed. Promoting greater clarity in your Soul to Soul relationships.

See Coaching for more.

See Workshop section for healing inner states, overcoming limiting patterns, life scripts, breaking free of conditioning and more. Which can also be delivered in shorter therapy sessions and healing programs. Please contact for details and to discuss your needs.

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