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Push on through!

It’s really important right now to push on through, as your emotional self comes up to heal. Don’t sit in it and let it play out on repeat. Spiralling you down deeper. Don’t create the revolving door syndrome. Push on through it. Own it, deal with it and finally just choose to let it go. You have the power to move yourself forward. Don’t keep waiting for the other to change, or life to do it for you, or it will just keep bringing you the same old stuff. The universe will get the message that you like where you are and bring you more of it! It’s time. The energy right now is pushing you forward, so push yourself and work with it. Stop pointing the finger, take a look at what’s pointing back at you and choose to grow. For those who feel good, that’s great. If you deal with your stuff then you will flow forward with the moment and propel on through. The cosmos wants us all to grow and flourish.

There’s a process to letting go that we don’t fully complete. We don’t energetically let go. We process to a point mentally and emotionally but don’t really, truly resolve it enough to let it go. We still carry it around in our energetic self so it keeps coming back at us through others, life situations and our own dis-ease. We’re all unique, with our own issues and life lessons. So our way forward is also unique. Your energy right now knows exactly where it’s trying to get you to. Let it take you there. The answers you need are right there for you, right now.

Learn the skills of energetically rebalancing, so you can help yourself get there! The beauty of working energetically is that you go beyond the mind and emotional self playing out on old programs. You access your inner rebalancing mechanisms and work in synergy with your innate processing that is trying to propel you forward. When you work in harmony with this process you move forward. You experience relief and move into a more positive place and life experience. For insight on your unique way forward book a rebalancing session, or book the ‘Learn to Let Go workshop’, which will take you on a personal journey of energetically letting go. It’s time to drop the baggage once and for all.

Attend the Wednesday, Mindfulness and Well-being sessions if you want to learn how to energetically rebalance and apply yourself, or book a one to one energetic coaching session. The Wednesday group is all for helping you align your energy and Soul vision to go forward now and get the most out of yourself and your life! It’s available Wednesday mornings, afternoons and evenings. It’s a special time. There is so much cosmic support available to us right now. Get pro-active and learn how to use it! Check out ‘What’s on’ or Contact to book.

It’s the perfect time to be the perfect you!

Your authentic blend is pushing to the surface and it’s pushing up all that’s been burying it. The planets are perfectly aligned to create a natural process of becoming right now … There is a perfect blend of you ready to emerge, intended for this very moment, that knows what it is and how to be present and thrive right now. Nurture it out. Work with the process.

Spent patterns are being pushed out for release as you are ready to let them go. Don’t therapise or analyse, just let them go. Focus on the real process occurring, take ownership of your true self beneath that is emerging. As you open your heart to embrace this you naturally let go of the old that no longer resonates. This is the time to access your authenticity. If you need help to understand the process and cultivate the real blend of you – which is energetically available to you right now – book a Soul Guided session or book onto the weekly, Wednesday morning or evening mindfulness groups, to develop your consciousness and learn how to access your true blend of energy and let it guide you forward. Don’t analyse the symptoms and what is spent, learn to access the answers and the way forward, which is already within you! That’s the beauty of working energetically… your energy is already working for you, learn how to work with it! Go beyond the mind!

It’s all part of the quickening in consciousness on the earth plane right now and the next stage in the process of your spiritual and energetic evolutionary journeying. To understand where you are right now read back through the previous blog posts and pay attention to the bigger picture playing out through this year. For a deeper understanding of yourself and a truly pro-active approach, book an Akashic life reading, energetic rebalance, life coaching or counseling session. Distant healing and coaching is also available via telephone or Skype. Please contact to book.

Reiki Massage: Re-mapping the body consciousness

The therapeutic touch can be amazing and is easily overlooked. It can have so many benefits, especially when applied in synergy with the body’s natural rebalancing mechanisms and energetic flows. Helping to remap the body consciousness, reconnect the inner spirit and re-enforce the body mind connection. Working energetically helps to center you in your being, ground you into your authentic self, boost your natural confidence and provide positive strokes to your being.

My unique blend of Reiki massage works in real time with the body’s energetic template, whether for remedial healing treatment, to re-instate energetic flows that have broken down and support the body’s recovery from injury, or to help correct the effects of longer term chronic imbalance that can manifest in a multitude of conditions through dis-ease, or for pure rejuvenation and alignment to your inner spirit.

Any physical, emotional or psychological condition has an underlying energetic imbalance. Corrections to misaligned energetic flows, positively supports the healing process and takes things further. Helping to overcome imbalance and create a positive effect. For insight into what your body is already working to correct and to learn what you can do to support your body’s natural healing mechanisms, book a Reiki Massage or Energetic Life Coaching session, for renewed self awareness of what is out of balance and to light the way forward.

Treat yourself to a metaphysical rebalance. Receive an energetic reading alongside your Reiki Massage to bring aspects of your being into alignment for a transformative approach. Working with the body’s energetic template and meridian flows, balancing the subtle bodies of your consciousness, for more lasting results and an out of this world treatment! Please contact for more information or to book. Gift vouchers available.

Harness Your Power!

The cosmos is really asking us to step up on where we focus our power. It’s really asking us to break free of outmoded patterns and behaviours in order to re-claim our power from what is spent and no longer serves our growth, so we can move forward. If you read back over my previous blog postings you will see how it is all coming to a head. Have you got a clear vision and sense of where you need to be going in your life? The universe always provides positive help and energy. When we have a hard time it’s because we’re not understanding how to use our energy and focus in the right places. Getting to know the energy of the moment and working with your astrological natal chart will all help with clarity and the right focus for you now. It will help bring clarity on your life’s healing and Soul’s mission.

Check out the Harness Your Power program. Book an astrological reading, or learn how to use the energy with the Cosmic Alignment Program. Understand yourself better and your world that you are creating will make more sense. It will feel like a much more harmonious and friendlier place to be! Discover the magic and joy of now!

There’s a great full moon in Scorpio coming up that we should be allowing our energy to flow into. How to use this energy will really depend on your birth chart Scorpio placement. Just ask yourself… whose drum beat are you dancing to right now? Remember if you don’t harness your power, something or someone else will surely do it for you!

Readings, workshops, healing treatments or programs and more, can be booked to suit you and delivered over distance via Skype. Have a browse and tailor your own development package. There are some seismic shifts coming up. Learn how to apply yourself. Please contact to book.

Learn how to really let go!

Do we really know how to let go! How to release spent energy, clear the energetic template and re-program on deeper levels? Most of us process to a point, physically, emotionally, mentally but we don’t really let go fully on energetic and deeper subconscious levels, so the programs play on repeat.

Our subconscious patterns and fears can be revealed through our energetic template that we exist on and that always seeks balance and harmony with our innate purpose and inner spiritual direction. We are constantly re-enforcing our patterns and internal belief structures, through what we think we know and understand, so life becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, where we are caught in a perpetual loop of our own making. Our energy is used in suppressing and maintaining a comfort zone that is not necessarily what is best for us. We end up running on a very low percentage of our energy resource, as the rest is ploughed into emotional suppression to maintain a status quo. Over time these patterns become chronic and we stagnate. The body struggles to replenish on a physical level and begins to reflect our energetic, subconscious state. Any dis-ease is simply the body attempting to right itself and rebalance. However, in our topsy turvy world of conditioning we see that as the problem, not the resolution. Learning to let go teaches us how to listen again. Learn to come to know yourself again and tap into your potential rather than just running on low all the time! We don’t need to wait for it to get to that point. We can bring ourselves up to the moment and start tapping into our potential, so life becomes so much easier and much more fulfilling.

Check out the full day workshop on how to really let go! Really understand what we are holding onto subconsciously and how to bring ourselves up to date with our internal programming in order to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence and wisdom that can break us out of the loop! Truth is our energy always tells the truth and will always guide us correctly as it seeks harmony. The body knows the answers we need! Start listening!

You can book as a full day workshop, one to one, to suit, or as a coaching program if you need help or wish to embark on a deeper journey of transformation. You can also book for your own groups. Or book a one-off session for some initial insights or an energetic reading. You might be surprised at what is really in there! Learn to Let Go

Telephone & Skype appointments available. Contact