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It’s the year of change, transformation and great opportunity…

The nodes have shifted, the energy is gearing to reveal a greater truth but are you ready for it …

It’s time to grow forward… we’re on the move. Your energy is trying to expand. You are growing in consciousness, whether you like it or not, life is pushing you towards new opportunities to change the status quo. Get off the fence and choose to land on the side of truth. It’s time to fulfil your life plan, your destiny and potential. Listen to your heart. Listen to your-self. Listen and you just might hear it. You are your cause. Look in the mirror and you will see it looking back at you. This energy is calling out to YOU!

There’s a cosmic storm brewing through this year that will kick up the dust and reveal the greater truth. North node Gemini – the path of truth – and south node Sagittarius – the seeker – is showing us where we need to look. Mars will stay a long time in Aries, doing its level best to awaken your passion and drive to uncover the truth. While Uranus in Taurus wants you to transform the way you live. Saturn in Aquarius wants you to fly in the face of convention and write a new foundation in that better serves the greater good. One where we celebrate our uniqueness and recognise we are all equal, all important and all necessary, for the balance and flourishment of the whole.

Jupiter will break down obstacles to truth and expand this energy, where it will rendezvous with Saturn in December to see if you have woken up. Your destiny is being put squarely in your hands and the energy is doing its best through this year to get you to pick up the slack on yourself and use your intelligence to seek out the greater truth available. You are being offered a new and fairer way forward. One that factors in the truth that there is enough on this planet for us all and we can live harmoniously, if we embrace our differences and recognise it’s what makes us strong. We have to come together as a human race and stop fighting each other. Our destiny is our cause in common.

Mars is asking us all to take a new self forward and question, seek, un-cover the truth. It’s a year of revelations but you have to be willing to recognise the truth when it manifests. Get out of your slumber, open your eyes, the truth will out but will you be ready for it? New perspectives are on the horizon. Saturn in Aquarius says the status quo no longer works and we are at the tipping point of a long term imbalance if we do not wake up and seek the truth available to us right now. It’s all heading for a ground zero day at the end of the year with plenty of fireworks along the way! Start seeking the truth. Wake up to your power within to choose your own destiny, for that’s exactly what’s at stake here. This energy is rousing us. We are not alone, we have each other and help is on the way! Don’t close your eyes when a greater truth presents. Mars is giving you the courage to see it and act on it where it feels right. If there’s a mantra for this year it’s: “we have the power to choose and we have a mind to use!”

Mars says get radical with yourself and your life and start challenging your own nature, where you settle for less than your truth. Saturn in Aquarius wants you on your true path, building new foundations and challenging the old. Pluto in Capricorn hasn’t finished its revelations and really wants you to understand where you just keep giving your power away, while Uranus is awakening your very core and shaking you out of your inner slumber. It’s all happening to you right now – choose to happen with it! We are in the cusp of the Age of Aquarius – the age of self responsibility – which has to start with the right to self- determine and self-govern. It’s time to start asking the right questions of yourself and others!

The planets are doing an amazing dance. Taking you to new levels of awareness, clarity and understanding. Use this moment to see your greater truth. It’s happening within you as well as out there! Showing you what you need to change and who you need to become. Don’t hold on to the lie of convenience, choose to live beyond it!

When you dedicate your life to your soul, you no longer ‘have’ a life, you become it. You don’t just live, you are ALIVE! You no longer live in fear of losing things. You no longer hang on to everything. You let go. You embrace being alive and you start to truly live your path. It’s time to let yourself go on the adventure of truth with yourself and see where it takes you!

To learn more about your way forward and how to transform with your energy, book a Soul reading, or join the Wednesday, Age of Aquarius, cosmic channelling group, to understand the current cosmic backdrop and your purpose with it. Let your Soul show you the way forward – receive a daily Soul message to align with your truth. If you sleep through this you will end up with more of the same and for many lifetimes to come. It really is the first day of the rest of your lives right now. CHOOSE to build in the right foundations. Don’t let this moment pass you by!