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Harness your Natal Moon Workshop

Check out the workshop, Harness your Natal Moon. For those interested in deeper self understanding and positive transformation. You will learn what your natal moon placement means for you. How to synchronise with current moon placements and utilise the energy of the moon in your daily living. The moon holds your past programming and reveals how this manifests in you right now. It also holds the key to healing and overcoming chronic, deep seated and karmic patterns that play out on repeat until you learn to grow beyond them. Learning to utilise the moon through your daily life will bring you the skills to harness your creative power, unlock your potential, find your authentic self and live your life purpose. The moon can help you understand your daily moods and bio rhythms. How to harmonise with natural cycles, for improved well-being and live a more fulfilling and creative existence, as Soul intended for you. Get clarity on yourself and open the door to your potential!

Harness your Natal Moon Workshop You can also book an astrological reading to understand yourself more deeply and apply yourself more fully in your life purpose, or adventure into your potential with the Cosmic Alignment Program. Book an Astrological healing session to alchemise and blend with your true purpose and gain new insights. Telephone and Skype is also available. Contact to book