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It’s the perfect time to be the perfect you!

Your authentic blend is pushing to the surface and it’s pushing up all that’s been burying it. The planets are perfectly aligned to create a natural process of becoming right now … There is a perfect blend of you ready to emerge, intended for this very moment, that knows what it is and how to be present and thrive right now. Nurture it out. Work with the process.

Spent patterns are being pushed out for release as you are ready to let them go. Don’t therapise or analyse, just let them go. Focus on the real process occurring, take ownership of your true self beneath that is emerging. As you open your heart to embrace this you naturally let go of the old that no longer resonates. This is the time to access your authenticity. If you need help to understand the process and cultivate the real blend of you – which is energetically available to you right now – book a Soul Guided session or book onto the weekly, Wednesday morning or evening mindfulness groups, to develop your consciousness and learn how to access your true blend of energy and let it guide you forward. Don’t analyse the symptoms and what is spent, learn to access the answers and the way forward, which is already within you! That’s the beauty of working energetically… your energy is already working for you, learn how to work with it! Go beyond the mind!

It’s all part of the quickening in consciousness on the earth plane right now and the next stage in the process of your spiritual and energetic evolutionary journeying. To understand where you are right now read back through the previous blog posts and pay attention to the bigger picture playing out through this year. For a deeper understanding of yourself and a truly pro-active approach, book an Akashic life reading, energetic rebalance, life coaching or counseling session. Distant healing and coaching is also available via telephone or Skype. Please contact to book.

Become your own Yogi!

It’s a great time to tap into your cosmic breath and learn how to harness it! The breath is the link to Soul and our unique pranic vibration. It is available to each of us right now! Check out the ‘Become your own Yogi‘ workshop. All you need to find your correct practise is within you right now. You are your own guide to your perfect alchemical state and your breath knows the way! No previous experience or ability is required. As we quicken with the vibration our breath is becoming ever more powerful. What we do with it is key to our state of existence on all levels. The Age of Aquarius is teaching us all how to become our own master and take personal responsibility to optimise our state of being. Find your potential right now!

This workshop can be booked as a full day, or one-to-one, developmental program of self realisation, in shorter sessions, to suit. Skype is also available.

Developing your Consciousness!

As the Earth vibration shifts and we propel into the Age of Aquarius, we are experiencing a quickening. Many Souls are awakening and progressing. The way we channel is changing. There is much more cosmic support and scope to develop on the Earth plane right now. It’s a special time! That’s why many Soul’s have chosen to be incarnate now!

Check out the ’21st Century Channeling into the Age of Aquarius’ workshop, newly available – see Workshops – this is a workshop that encapsulates the energy of Now and helps you understand your place in the cosmic order of things. You will gain some fascinating insights as you explore Soul’s purpose for being incarnate at this special time. Working closely with your cosmic network and life guides. This workshop will help bring clarity to your life experience so far and a fresh perspective to your existence, so you can work more harmoniously with Soul’s intentions and fulfil your life purpose.

I look forward to working with you! Workshops can be booked one to one, to suit, or for your own groups. Please contact me to explore further!