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Harness Your Power!

The cosmos is really asking us to step up on where we focus our power. It’s really asking us to break free of outmoded patterns and behaviours in order to re-claim our power from what is spent and no longer serves our growth, so we can move forward. If you read back over my previous blog postings you will see how it is all coming to a head. Have you got a clear vision and sense of where you need to be going in your life? The universe always provides positive help and energy. When we have a hard time it’s because we’re not understanding how to use our energy and focus in the right places. Getting to know the energy of the moment and working with your astrological natal chart will all help with clarity and the right focus for you now. It will help bring clarity on your life’s healing and Soul’s mission.

Check out the Harness Your Power program. Book an astrological reading, or learn how to use the energy with the Cosmic Alignment Program. Understand yourself better and your world that you are creating will make more sense. It will feel like a much more harmonious and friendlier place to be! Discover the magic and joy of now!

There’s a great full moon in Scorpio coming up that we should be allowing our energy to flow into. How to use this energy will really depend on your birth chart Scorpio placement. Just ask yourself… whose drum beat are you dancing to right now? Remember if you don’t harness your power, something or someone else will surely do it for you!

Readings, workshops, healing treatments or programs and more, can be booked to suit you and delivered over distance via Skype. Have a browse and tailor your own development package. There are some seismic shifts coming up. Learn how to apply yourself. Please contact to book.

New Moons & Planetary Influences

We’ve just entered the new astrological year! With the orb of influence of the new moon in aries, we should be making special plans to go forward – Do you know what the new moons mean for you? How to apply them directly to yourself and use them uniquely in Soul’s plan?

It’s a special window of opportunity this year to really push forward with Soul wishes and align with your life path. We can learn to make the most of current cosmic shifts into the new vibration of Aquarius! It is upon us. Use it or lose it! Check out the Cosmic Alignment Program to learn how to harness the planetary influences and apply them directly to your astrological birth chart, your unique energy signature, your micro-cosmic self, your infinite creative potential. Learn how to align with soul’s wishes, synchronise and optimise on Soul’s intended plan for this moment, this life time, which is right Now! The answers are right here for you, right Now! Learn how to work your energy. Your cosmic cup is running over, Soul’s special skills and visions are pouring into you right now. Would you recognise them? Do you know how to harness them? It’s a special time to fulfill and move beyond the old self. To break internal boundaries, to push on and push forward. Don’t stagnate and just sit in old patterns!

Book an astrological reading to understand yourself more deeply and apply yourself more fully in your life purpose, or adventure into your potential with the Cosmic Alignment Program. Book an Astrological healing session to alchemise and blend with your true purpose and gain new insights. Telephone and Skype is also available. Contact to book now!