Moving into the New Year!

Hi Guys,

It’s a special squeeze upon us for the rest of this year – and beyond for those who don’t work the energy! We take off into the New Year on the winter solstice – 21st December. The energy for 2017 isn’t waiting around for anyone this year. The energetic stream of Aquarius is taking us forward whether we like it or not. All that is inauthentic within ourselves and our lives is being brought out to bear, so we can choose to let it go and move beyond it. What we don’t shed willingly will be shed anyway as the current cosmic vibrations build with intensity and propel us forward. So flow with it or struggle! It’s a great time to let the past go and all that binds us to it. Old thought patterns, resentments and emotional baggage can be shed now! Don’t carry it into 2017 unnecessarily, as it will weigh heavier as the year goes on! Drop those patterns. Take personal responsibility for who you are and let the real you emerge – responsibly! Life really is what we make it!

There’s an immense amount of cosmic support and guidance around us – use it! Check out the workshops available for healing and development. You can book them in shorter sessions, to suit over telephone or Skype too!

Have a Great 2017!