Astral Awakenings

As the astral gateways open and propel us further into the quickening in our vibration on the earth plane right now, we are awakening to our cosmic self and Soul purpose. It’s a special year of cosmic ‘switch ons’ and as the cosmos shifts, so does the human energy field – your micro-cosmic world. The aura is shifting and the astral body awakening, revealing Soul’s journeying and unique abilities that are beginning to manifest. What was naturally suppressed is coming into conscious awareness. For those who are self aware and energy adept these changes will help to harness Soul’s innate talents and wisdom. For those unbalanced and out of alignment, it may be a time of confusion, as we meet our inner chaos that has hitherto been suppressed.

To work with the energy shifts and understand what is manifesting within you right now book onto 21st Century Channeling into the Age of Aquarius or Know Your Cosmic Self workshops. Visit the workshop section or contact to book.