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Special Soul-stice event: £40

It really is a special end to this year as we embark upon many new cosmic cycles coming to fruition. It’s a wonderful blend of energy trying its best to get us to work with ourselves positively to create what we truly are meant to have and our right way forward. It’s time to work with it. All the group spaces up to the Solstice will be focusing on soul attuning and healing to help you house in your best vibrational blend for Uranus to take forward on 7th January, towards earthing Taurus where it will lay new foundations for the next 7 years. So it is vital to be attuned to your authentic soul vibration as much as possible before this energy really unfolds in the New Year. Like always, the cosmos gives us so many chances to get it right. When we listen we can create amazing things! To discover more visit the Blog and Contact to book your place on this very special event. There are 2 dates available: Monday 17th or Friday 21st December, 10.30am-2.30pm. To attend one day is £40 or if you wish to attend both days £50. Pre-booking is essential. Skype in option is also available so distance no object. If you can’t make those dates one-to-one Soul attunements are also available for £50

Weekly Reiki Share: £7

Well established Reiki share, to give and receive Reiki. Open to Reiki practitioners or students. All levels welcome, from Level 1 to Master Teacher. Monday evenings, 7-9pm. One share per month will focus on developing consciousness as a monthly healing circle. Please call or contact to book.

21st Century Mindfulness & Cosmic Channeling Group: £20 (weekly)

Keep abreast of cosmic changes and engage positively with your metaphysical evolutionary process, as we embark upon the quickening in consciousness and rapid soul growth. Learn how to tap into your Soulability and understand your metaphysical anatomy as it evolves and reveals to you. Develop your consciousness and unique way forward in this exciting time of rapid cosmic expansion! Weekly group available, Wednesdays, day time, 10am-12pm, or evening, 7-9pm. Simply book onto sessions that suit. Skype in also available. Please contact for details.

Well-being & Mindfulness Group: £20, fortnightly, (one-to-one:1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75)

Learn to balance and heal yourself, overcome personal limitations and live a fuller, more pro-active lifestyle. Cultivating the skills of balancing mind, body & spirit through energetic techniques applied. Book highly personalised one-to-one sessions, or for your own groups, in your own space, if you have people interested in attending. Skype available. Alternatively, attend or Skype into group currently running, fortnightly Wednesdays, 1-3pm. Please call or contact for further information.

Psychic Development Groups: £20 (3 weekly)

For anyone interested in developing their channeling technique and mediumistic skills. Ideal for continued personal or professional development and for raising your energetic vibration / level of consciousness. Welcoming and supportive environment. Two groups running that you can attend to suit, 3 weekly, Thursday day time, 10am-12pm, or Thursday evening, 7-9pm. Highly personalised one-to-one sessions also available. See Psychic Development for further details. Call or contact to book.

Monthly Healing Circle: £12

Well established, monthly, healing circle, for developing consciousness. Working with current cosmic shifts, helping you to align with your life purpose and soul essence, to harmonise with your authentic self at this special time. Develop your intuitive skills and share with others. Only for those with a mature approach to self development. Circle runs the last Monday of the month, 7-9pm, excluding bank holidays. Skype in available. Please contact to book a place.

Monthly Healing Seminar: £25

Open to anyone interested or curious about healing, meditation, channeling or self-development. Meet and work with Reiki Practitioners, Teachers & Holistic Therapists and other like minded within the community. A great way to network, make friends, keep up to date with what’s happening in the development of Complementary Therapies and practice in a safe and supportive environment, where ideas and techniques can be shared and applied. Runs one Saturday per month, between 10am-1pm, (doors open 9.45am) – Contact

Psychic Readings on the Go: from £5

Receive replies to your questions whilst on the go or book a scheduled reading to suit. In person, telephone, text or Skype available. For clarity and a deeper understanding of the moment. Please see Psychic Readings

Spiritual & Soul Based Akashic Life Readings: 45 min £35, 1 hr £40

Soul based, Akashic life reading for clarity, life direction and empowerment. Receive guidance from your spiritual support networks to help in any areas of your life, personal development or healing. Book to suit. Telephone or Skype appointments also available – Contact

Aura Reading & Re-balance: 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75

For insight into your energetic being and auric template. Learn what is re-balancing within you right now and where your energy is currently taking you. Your energetic bodies will reveal your sub-conscious patterns and what you are creating in yourself and your life. It will also reveal your true path in the moment and where your energy is meant to be guiding you forward. For greater clarity, insight, self understanding and life direction. Book to suit. Telephone or Skype also available.

Astrological Reading: £65 with 1 hr verbal explanation

Astrological natal chart with personality profile for deeper insight and self understanding. Shining a light on inner wounds and karmic patterns. Raising awareness of your Soul growth and intended life path. Further feedback is provided to help identify areas for personal development, enabling you to use the chart as a healing tool and raise your energetic vibration, helping to actualise your potential and live your life purpose. A great way to work with micro-cosmic forces within, align and empower yourself further! Telephone sessions or Skype also available. See Cosmic Alignment or Contact

CAP – Cosmic Alignment Programme:

A 2 year programme of applied practice: Learn how to align with cosmic forces for inner balance, harmony and living your ‘Dharma’ or ‘Life Path’. Suitable for anyone wishing to embark on a highly personalised journey of inner healing, cosmic and Soul alignment. Alchemising astrological, planetary and stellar forces to balance micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic energies, for raising your energetic vibration, improved well-being, life direction and empowerment. Year 1: 4 days, (1 per quarter), first year installment £495. Year 2: A course of 6 bi-monthly, individual, cosmic alignment sessions, second year installment £385. Book onto a course currently running, or book to suit, for yourself or your own groups. Distant sessions are also available via phone or Skype. The programme can be delivered to suit your schedule and in shorter sessions. Please see Cosmic Alignment for further details.

ENER-CHI: Personalised Energetic Work-out Sessions: 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75 (with Reiki & chakra re-balancing)

Highly personalised energetic work-out sessions, to aid the flow of Chi through the body. For improved sense of balance and well-being. Incorporating various techniques of breath, posture, body work, chakra re-balancing, auric cleansing and energetic healing. You will be taken through a personalised session to balance your energy in the moment, promoting homeostasis. Helping to replenish and rejuvenate depleted body systems and energise your being. Whilst tapping into your intuition and inner wisdom, all guided by the body’s energetic system to help restore balance, inner strength and vitality. This is not a set routine – you will be working in synergy with your body & Soul energy in the moment, helping the body to replenish for optimal results. Can also include meditation and deeper healing as desired. Can be delivered over distance via video call or Skype to suit your routine, or in your own space, subject to distance and suitability – Contact

Meditation & Mindfulness Class: 1 hr £20 (Group session, 2 hrs £20)

Learn the art of effective meditation for relaxation, de-stressing, self development, healing and re-balancing, or raising your energetic vibration. Through an eclectic approach, using energetic techniques, highly personalised to help you develop your own practice as desired. Sessions can be booked one-to-one, to suit, or for your own groups, Skype available, or ask about groups currently running. Soul Guided and Transcendental meditation also available if you wish to progress further. See below.

Soul Guided Meditation: 30 mins £35, 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75

Soul guided meditation sessions to help you align with your life path, develop your intuition and inner guidance. Great for clarity on issues in your life and re-balancing on deeper levels within, whether for healing or direction. You will receive focused guidance to take away and build on between sessions. Cultivating a greater sense of harmony and peace in your life. Helping you to ground and align with your life purpose and apply insights through your daily living. Skype sessions also available – Contact

Transcendental Meditation: 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75 (Block of 6 fortnightly sessions £385)

If you are more serious about raising your energetic vibration. To learn the art of transcending through meditative techniques. To transcend consciousness and tap into your higher wisdom and inner guidance on a deeper level. For improved clarity, life direction and life path alignment. Also a great aid to developing your channeling technique and enhancing ability, whether you wish to, or are already channeling for healing, self development, psychic or mediumistic purposes – Contact

Cancer Support Sessions: 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75 (Group session, 2 hrs £20)

Supportive space for anyone affected by cancer in some way. To share and discuss concerns and to heal. Learn energetic healing and re-balancing techniques personal to you and explore emotional, psychological imbalance for deeper self awareness and understanding. To help you on your journey to well-being – whatever that means for you.  Also for those touched by cancer or loss, to heal in a supportive environment. Can be delivered one-to-one or for your own groups, in your own space, if you have people interested in attending. Skype available. Please call for further information. Please contact for details.

Aura Photo: £35

Includes aura photo with written print out and verbal explanation. View your energetic template in a photograph. The aura is an energetic representation of you in the moment. A great way to gain insight into your vibrational frequency and level of relating and functioning. Includes information to show how balanced you are and feedback is provided. Aura photo days are booked throughout the year, so please call or e-mail for further information or to arrange for your own groups/events – Contact

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