Mind, Body, Spirit Package: 3 hrs £195

Build your own treatment package, tailored to your needs. Enjoy a Soul guided, Akashic life reading and aura rebalance for insight and direction, going on to enjoy a holistic treatment of choice from those offered, for further healing and rebalancing of mind, body and spirit. For details and options please contact

Rebalance & Refresh, Full day Package: £385

Full day of personalised healing and rebalancing tailored to your needs. Start with a Soul guided life reading and aura rebalance for insight and direction, going on to enjoy a holistic treatment of choice from those offered, for further healing and rebalancing of mind, body and spirit. Followed by highly personalised healing and further rebalancing as needed. Great for de-stressing, refocusing and rejuvenating. Promoting clarity and life direction. For details and options please contact

Swedish Body Massage: Upper body: 30 min £55, 45 min £65, 1 hr £75, Full body: 1 hr £85, 75 min with face & scalp £90

To relax, detox, improve circulation, cellulite, repair and tone muscles, for an overall sense of well-being and upliftment. Can be booked as upper body, or full body, with or without face and scalp, tailored to suit, with areas covered as needed.

Rassage: (Reiki Massage) 1 hr £95, 1 1/2 hrs £120, 2 hrs £135

Full body Swedish massage techniques blended with Reiki for deeper relaxation, healing and energetic re-balancing. To cleanse and soothe mind, body and spirit. Great for working into body areas and clearing energetic blocks within the meridians and chakras on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. Can help with symptoms or chronic conditions, to re-instate energy flows around depleted, injured or damaged areas. Treatments are focused for deep healing and an increased sense of homeostasis and well-being.

Rassage Facial: 45 min £85

Energetic techniques of Reiki uniquely blended with massage, for a cleansing and uplifting facial massage experience. To detoxify, calm and de-stress, creating a feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Increasing prana, life force and vitality to depleted areas, along with an overall sense of well-being. Can also be combined with body massage as desired.

Reflexy: (Reflexology with Reiki) 1 hr from £95 (Special offer: Book 2 for £170)

Relaxing and stimulating reflexology foot treatment, combined with Reiki for a deeper healing experience and energetic rebalance. Working with the meta-physical anatomy, in synergy with the body’s energetic systems, getting to the underlying issues, whilst applying pressure techniques to reflex points on the feet. Great for de-stressing, de-toxing and all round rebalancing of body systems; promoting a greater sense of well-being. Hand Reflexy treatments also available.

Access Bars Treatment: 1 hr from £95

Focusing on the acupressure points of the head. To help relax, defragment and re-program the mind. Promoting mental clarity and a deeper sense of well-being. Great for overcoming deep seated limiting beliefs. For upliftment and a new sense of life direction. Can be combined with Reiki to facilitate deeper change and positive transformation for all-round re-balancing of mind, body and spirit.

Indian Head Massage with Reiki: 1 hr from £95 (Special offer: Book 2 for £170)

Upper body – head, neck and shoulder massage, to help calm, de-stress and revitalize, combined with Reiki for a deeper healing experience and energetic rebalance. Bringing a feeling of upliftment, improved joint mobility and alertness, helping to improve lymphatic drainage, circulation, muscle tone, tension, headaches, eye strain, insomnia, muscle stiffness, sinusitis and congestion, hair loss, poor concentration, stress, anxiety and mental tiredness. Treatment can be delivered seated or lying on a couch and through clothing.

Top & Tail: Reflexology & Indian Head with Reiki: 2 hrs £135

A wonderful treatment package, to submerge in the healing energies, as you receive a full body rebalance with Reflexology and Indian Head – upper body, head, neck and shoulder massage – to de-stress. Combined with Reiki, to replenish and rejuvenate. Includes aura and chakra rebalance, to leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatments: (Thermal Auricular Therapy) £45, (1 hr with Reiki from £95)

Candles are used in the ears to create a soothing suction effect to unblock the ears and sinuses and restore balance. Creates a feeling of warmth which stimulates blood flow to the head and neck, increasing the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues which encourages healing and helps to detoxify through the lymphatic system. Can help with sinus problems, compacted or excessive ear wax, tinnitus, sore throats, pressure regulation in the sinuses and headaches, promoting mental clarity and relaxation. Treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes a gentle acupressure facial massage to promote relaxation and further stimulate and unblock the sinuses.  Combine with Reiki for a deeper healing and re-balancing effect.

Past Life Regression & Healing: 1 hr from £95

To explore and re-integrate past life memories for a deeper self understanding and fuller life experience. Can help to release sub-conscious patterns that may be limiting and bring greater self awareness, helping you to harness your potential in the present. Delivered with Reiki for a more pro-active approach and deeper healing experience. Helping to rebalance mind, body and spirit. Full day, past life workshops also available – see workshop section for further details.

Holistic & Pamper Parties: 

Host a party for you and friends to relax and enjoy treatments in your own space. For healing or relaxation.  Can include Reiki for relaxation, rejuvenation. Reiki facials, full body treatments, Chakra Readings and Re-balancing, Auric Cleansing, Reiki Massage, Swedish Body Massage, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Hopi Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, etc. Services will be tailored to your needs and prices agreed, with a free or discounted treatment for the host – depending upon numbers attending. Great for wedding showers and pre wedding tensions or getting family and friends together for a treat! Counselling, assertiveness coaching and Reiki for boosting confidence is also available.

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