For a more pro-active approach to health & well-being, personal empowerment & effectiveness!

Telephone, Skype or video appointments available for Counselling, Coaching or Distant Healing. Please call or contact for details.

Spiritual Life Coaching: 30 mins £35, 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75 (with Reiki & chakra re-balancing)

Sessions are highly personalised and tailored to suit. Using an eclectic approach through various techniques to help you raise your energetic vibration, tap into your higher awareness for deeper healing, clarity and well-being. Learn to live your life path and manifest what you need in your life to flourish. For an empowered & creative existence. Includes Reiki as needed for energetic healing, re-alignment and chakra re-balancing.

Spiritual Mentoring: 30 mins £35, 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75

Spiritual mentoring for clarity, life direction and deeper sense of fulfillment. Sessions are delivered through your spiritual guidance and support networks, to guide you through your life choices and experiences more fully.

Energetic Life Coaching: 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75 (includes Reiki & chakra re-balancing)

Personalised, highly tailored, one-to-one sessions. To learn individual techniques to help balance your energy and body systems, so you are grounded, energised, more able to focus and live a pro-active lifestyle. Using an eclectic approach to suit your needs, to incorporate posture and breath work, energetic techniques, meditation, visualisation, mindfulness, self-healing, deeper self-awareness and much more. Learn to tap into your higher mind and the body’s natural intelligence, to deliver the healing you need in the moment. Sessions will also include Reiki as needed. Excellent for those who wish to be pro-active, able to help themselves and live a balanced, fuller lifestyle. Learn about your own blocks and patterns and how to overcome these, whilst tapping into your potential – the answers are all within you – learn how to access these. Suitable for anyone wanting to achieve a lasting sense of well-being. No previous knowledge or ability required.

Assertiveness Coaching: 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75 (includes Reiki & chakra re-balancing)

Develop the skills for personal effectiveness. Overcome obstacles and  limiting patterns to speak and act with confidence. Highly personalised sessions for a pro-active approach to life and self development. Utilising various techniques as needed to help overcome and live your life more assertively. Also includes Reiki as needed, for deeper healing, energetic alignment and chakra re-balancing. Bringing deeper transformation for more lasting results.

ENER-CHI: Personalised Energetic Work-out Sessions: 1 hr £50, 2 hrs £75 (with Reiki & chakra re-balancing)

Highly personalised energetic work-out sessions, to aid the flow of Chi through the body. For improved sense of balance and well-being. Incorporating various techniques of breath, posture, body work, chakra re-balancing, auric cleansing and energetic healing. You will be taken through a personalised session to balance your energy in the moment, promoting homeostasis. Helping to replenish and rejuvenate depleted body systems and energise your being. Whilst tapping into your intuition and inner wisdom, all guided by the body’s energetic system to help restore balance, inner strength and vitality. This is not a set routine – you will be working in synergy with your body & Soul energy in the moment, helping the body to replenish for optimal results. Can also include meditation and deeper healing as desired. Can be delivered over distance via Skype to suit your routine, or in your own space, subject to distance and suitability.

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