Akashic Life Readings – get clarity on your way forward right now!

It might just feel like shifting sands as we see out 2017 and head into the new year! It’s been a transitional year, paving the way for us to up our game on our self responsibility and engage with our inner purpose. We will all feel it somehow. For some it will be a positive experience and for others it may be a confusing time where we no longer fit into our old self and our life is reflecting this back to us. Current cosmic forces will make it impossible to play out the old game of shrinking to fit. You can choose to make it a conscious and positive transformation by working with it…

If you want insight into your way forward and to understand what your energy is already trying to show you, book a Soul guided, Akashic, life reading. Learn about your soul purpose and build your understanding of where your inner guidance mechanisms are already trying to take you! You can also book a Soul Guided Meditation and rebalancing session where you will receive a reading along with energetic rebalancing, so you can go on to positively support the process of inner transformation. You will have plenty to take away and focus on to propel yourself forward. Sessions can be booked in person or via Skype. Gift vouchers are also available. Contact to book

Make friends with your Saturn – choose to grow forward!

This year’s crescendo effect is approaching its climax. The planets have been brewing up a perfect storm for some time. As Saturn prepares to move into Capricorn on 20th December, things are getting more serious. It’s all designed to manoeuvre us into a place of self responsibility and ownership of our residual, emotional programming that needs cleaning up. If you think what has this to do with me? It has to do with everyone. If you’re smart you will start working through your inner baggage right now and stop projecting it out onto others – if you’re extra smart and switched on you will already be doing this! This is your opportunity to own it. Use this awareness positively, make Saturn your friend rather than the authoritarian teacher that will bring self responsibility whether you want it or not. Whichever way, it’s here and you’re here because soul chose you to be here in this moment, to quicken your vibration and deal with it. Better to go there willingly, where you have control over what your journey shapes into rather than Saturn shape it for you!

Emotional games will abound. We are being given a gift of choice that is about to become more apparent. We can work through and make it to the next level of our inner spiral and expand our consciousness or spiral deeper into our outdated programming – not pretty! The energy is taking us into a perfect storm, where what was suppressed and subtly playing out in us is being exposed and surfacing for all to see. There’s an interesting twist to the end of this year – do we own it or further collude with each other to project it onto something or someone else? So individuals will begin to join forces. Unspoken games and collusion is about to become much more conscious.

Jupiter is expanding us, we are growing! Make sure you grow in the right direction. Put your creative power into the right programs and choose to enlighten yourself! It will take more energy to suppress our emotional baggage now, so we will collude on the surface to delude ourselves further. If you’re the sane one in the room all eyes will be on you. All fingers will point you out. You’ll become the problem. The voice of reason will not be welcomed by those who want to continue to play unimpeded in their world of delusion. Victim mode will abound and the victim will become the subtle, insipid perpetrator but on the surface you will be the villain. Not only that, what we don’t choose to own will play out through the physical body as a whole host of conditions and symptoms. Orthodox medicine will struggle to fathom it and will not be able to treat the sickness of the soul. Residual programs will manifest in real ways more and more so own them now emotionally and work through them consciously, rather than the physical body show you what needs to be released.

Those who choose a more conscious journey, toward an enlightened state – and not the self professed Gurus who purport to be on an inner journey – those who truly own their stuff and work through it, will move up the spiral and expand their consciousness. Shake off the hangers on, those who want to pull you back down to their level or hitch a free ride. Find your inner power and harness it positively. Free yourself from your games and embrace a new programming that is available to you right now. Stick with your inner truth and integrity but be careful you’re not just deluding yourself! Flow with the current shifts and you will glide into your new level of awareness and understanding. Don’t allow yourself to diminish your truth to fit in with the scripts and games playing out. Break free! Grow beyond it and emerge as your authentic self. The energy will support you!

Those who choose to spiral down deeper and submerge will become further depleted and exhausted as they wade through their inner quagmire that is about to become very real. Saturn in Capricorn is a reality check in reality itself. It will manifest in your life wherever you turn until it’s dealt with fully. Choose to go with the current cosmic flow and expand healthily into soul’s vision rather than into the delusions of the ego, otherwise you will be pulling yourself out of the quagmire for a very long time and under your own steam. The cosmos will not support the inauthentic. It’s calling time on games that limit consciousness and you will not find shelter from your truth any longer. Saturn is the inner teacher – embrace it! Dare to be renewed and embrace your truth in healthy, balanced ways. Move beyond your games. Choose to own them. Move into the present, grow forward! Saying ‘but I don’t know how’ doesn’t wash with Saturn. The inner teacher says ‘learn, ask; find out! No excuses’. For those who want to learn how to move into the next spiral of awareness and expand correctly with soul’s vision, the answers are there – discern.

To book an Energetic Life Coaching Counseling, or Soul Guided session please contact. Get on with the real tasks at hand. Uncomplicate your life and choose to grow forward! Skype and telephone sessions available, start now! (for a further heads up on this year and current shifts, read back through this blog for insights)

Reiki Massage: Re-mapping the body consciousness

The therapeutic touch can be amazing and is easily overlooked. It can have so many benefits, especially when applied in synergy with the body’s natural rebalancing mechanisms and energetic flows. Helping to remap the body consciousness, reconnect the inner spirit and re-enforce the body mind connection. Working energetically helps to center you in your being, ground you into your authentic self, boost your natural confidence and provide positive strokes to your being.

My unique blend of Reiki massage works in real time with the body’s energetic template, whether for remedial healing treatment, to re-instate energetic flows that have broken down and support the body’s recovery from injury, or to help correct the effects of longer term chronic imbalance that can manifest in a multitude of conditions through dis-ease, or for pure rejuvenation and alignment to your inner spirit.

Any physical, emotional or psychological condition has an underlying energetic imbalance. Corrections to misaligned energetic flows, positively supports the healing process and takes things further. Helping to overcome imbalance and create a positive effect. For insight into what your body is already working to correct and to learn what you can do to support your body’s natural healing mechanisms, book a Reiki Massage or Energetic Life Coaching session, for renewed self awareness of what is out of balance and to light the way forward.

Treat yourself to a metaphysical rebalance. Receive an energetic reading alongside your Reiki Massage to bring aspects of your being into alignment for a transformative approach. Working with the body’s energetic template and meridian flows, balancing the subtle bodies of your consciousness, for more lasting results and an out of this world treatment! Please contact for more information or to book. Gift vouchers available.

Healing packages to Rebalance & Refresh

With the current cosmic shifts occurring, it’s a great time to have an upgrade! The realms are expanding and quickening. Releasing new Akashic information into our consciousness, from our Soul plan. Revealing aspects of the authentic self and Soul assets that we should be integrating into our personality and harnessing. Check out the half and full day, mind, body, spirit packages under therapies. Including a Soul life reading and holistic treatment of choice from those offered. Plus, for the full day, you will go on to receive highly personalised energetic healing and rebalancing, for a renewed focus and sense of life direction. Keep up with the times and get yourself refreshed. Tune up to your true vibration for optimal life experience and enhanced sense of well-being. Go all out and get that energetic template tuned up!

Harness your Natal Moon Workshop

Check out the workshop, Harness your Natal Moon. For those interested in deeper self understanding and positive transformation. You will learn what your natal moon placement means for you. How to synchronise with current moon placements and utilise the energy of the moon in your daily living. The moon holds your past programming and reveals how this manifests in you right now. It also holds the key to healing and overcoming chronic, deep seated and karmic patterns that play out on repeat until you learn to grow beyond them. Learning to utilise the moon through your daily life will bring you the skills to harness your creative power, unlock your potential, find your authentic self and live your life purpose. The moon can help you understand your daily moods and bio rhythms. How to harmonise with natural cycles, for improved well-being and live a more fulfilling and creative existence, as Soul intended for you. Get clarity on yourself and open the door to your potential!

Harness your Natal Moon Workshop You can also book an astrological reading to understand yourself more deeply and apply yourself more fully in your life purpose, or adventure into your potential with the Cosmic Alignment Program. Book an Astrological healing session to alchemise and blend with your true purpose and gain new insights. Telephone and Skype is also available. Contact to book

Beyond the Mind!

The eternal presence is within each of us. Our complete essence that is beyond the ego, the personality and the mind, with all its constructs and narratives. Our enlightened journey on the earth plane is directing us evermore towards this state of being, where we experience at one-ment and a deeper sense of oneness with all creation and each other. Where there is no separation.

When we hold our pure essence, the ‘I AM’ presence, we find our optimal vibration. We can all learn to tap into our essence and hold it within our core, as it is what we truly are. When we remember to exist in this state, the physical body vibrates at its optimal frequency and the cells fall into harmonic resonance, for improved health and well-being. The mind finds clarity and wisdom, the spirit comes alive and drives us on our journey into our potential and true state of being.

We find peace and as we hold our pure essence, others naturally entrain to theirs. Situations heal, relationships and life becomes easier as we realise we can never be diminished, as our pure essence can never be destroyed or damaged. It is already complete. We move beyond fear and the personality. A deeper healing ensues as we find a sense of peace and fulfilment that we have searched for outwardly, realising it was always within us and available in any moment, beyond the illusions of the mind, its dramas and attachments. It is available right now! Choose to look within and realise you are already complete, you are already perfect and you will begin to live this and see it in others, so they can see it too!

Check out the workshop ‘Beyond the Mind and venture into your eternal essence! Book as a full day workshop, for yourself or your own groups, or in shorter life coaching sessions, to suit. Book a spiritual life reading for a new way forward! Distance no object, telephone and Skype available. Please contact to book.

Harness Your Power!

The cosmos is really asking us to step up on where we focus our power. It’s really asking us to break free of outmoded patterns and behaviours in order to re-claim our power from what is spent and no longer serves our growth, so we can move forward. If you read back over my previous blog postings you will see how it is all coming to a head. Have you got a clear vision and sense of where you need to be going in your life? The universe always provides positive help and energy. When we have a hard time it’s because we’re not understanding how to use our energy and focus in the right places. Getting to know the energy of the moment and working with your astrological natal chart will all help with clarity and the right focus for you now. It will help bring clarity on your life’s healing and Soul’s mission.

Check out the Harness Your Power program. Book an astrological reading, or learn how to use the energy with the Cosmic Alignment Program. Understand yourself better and your world that you are creating will make more sense. It will feel like a much more harmonious and friendlier place to be! Discover the magic and joy of now!

There’s a great full moon in Scorpio coming up that we should be allowing our energy to flow into. How to use this energy will really depend on your birth chart Scorpio placement. Just ask yourself… whose drum beat are you dancing to right now? Remember if you don’t harness your power, something or someone else will surely do it for you!

Readings, workshops, healing treatments or programs and more, can be booked to suit you and delivered over distance via Skype. Have a browse and tailor your own development package. There are some seismic shifts coming up. Learn how to apply yourself. Please contact to book.

Learn how to really let go!

Do we really know how to let go! How to release spent energy, clear the energetic template and re-program on deeper levels? Most of us process to a point, physically, emotionally, mentally but we don’t really let go fully on energetic and deeper subconscious levels, so the programs play on repeat.

Our subconscious patterns and fears can be revealed through our energetic template that we exist on and that always seeks balance and harmony with our innate purpose and inner spiritual direction. We are constantly re-enforcing our patterns and internal belief structures, through what we think we know and understand, so life becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, where we are caught in a perpetual loop of our own making. Our energy is used in suppressing and maintaining a comfort zone that is not necessarily what is best for us. We end up running on a very low percentage of our energy resource, as the rest is ploughed into emotional suppression to maintain a status quo. Over time these patterns become chronic and we stagnate. The body struggles to replenish on a physical level and begins to reflect our energetic, subconscious state. Any dis-ease is simply the body attempting to right itself and rebalance. However, in our topsy turvy world of conditioning we see that as the problem, not the resolution. Learning to let go teaches us how to listen again. Learn to come to know yourself again and tap into your potential rather than just running on low all the time! We don’t need to wait for it to get to that point. We can bring ourselves up to the moment and start tapping into our potential, so life becomes so much easier and much more fulfilling.

Check out the full day workshop on how to really let go! Really understand what we are holding onto subconsciously and how to bring ourselves up to date with our internal programming in order to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence and wisdom that can break us out of the loop! Truth is our energy always tells the truth and will always guide us correctly as it seeks harmony. The body knows the answers we need! Start listening!

You can book as a full day workshop, one to one, to suit, or as a coaching program if you need help or wish to embark on a deeper journey of transformation. You can also book for your own groups. Or book a one-off session for some initial insights or an energetic reading. You might be surprised at what is really in there! Learn to Let Go

Telephone & Skype appointments available. Contact

New Moons & Planetary Influences

We’ve just entered the new astrological year! With the orb of influence of the new moon in aries, we should be making special plans to go forward – Do you know what the new moons mean for you? How to apply them directly to yourself and use them uniquely in Soul’s plan?

It’s a special window of opportunity this year to really push forward with Soul wishes and align with your life path. We can learn to make the most of current cosmic shifts into the new vibration of Aquarius! It is upon us. Use it or lose it! Check out the Cosmic Alignment Program to learn how to harness the planetary influences and apply them directly to your astrological birth chart, your unique energy signature, your micro-cosmic self, your infinite creative potential. Learn how to align with soul’s wishes, synchronise and optimise on Soul’s intended plan for this moment, this life time, which is right Now! The answers are right here for you, right Now! Learn how to work your energy. Your cosmic cup is running over, Soul’s special skills and visions are pouring into you right now. Would you recognise them? Do you know how to harness them? It’s a special time to fulfill and move beyond the old self. To break internal boundaries, to push on and push forward. Don’t stagnate and just sit in old patterns!

Book an astrological reading to understand yourself more deeply and apply yourself more fully in your life purpose, or adventure into your potential with the Cosmic Alignment Program. Book an Astrological healing session to alchemise and blend with your true purpose and gain new insights. Telephone and Skype is also available. Contact to book now!

Become your own Yogi!

It’s a great time to tap into your cosmic breath and learn how to harness it! The breath is the link to Soul and our unique pranic vibration. It is available to each of us right now! Check out the ‘Become your own Yogi‘ workshop. All you need to find your correct practise is within you right now. You are your own guide to your perfect alchemical state and your breath knows the way! No previous experience or ability is required. As we quicken with the vibration our breath is becoming ever more powerful. What we do with it is key to our state of existence on all levels. The Age of Aquarius is teaching us all how to become our own master and take personal responsibility to optimise our state of being. Find your potential right now!

This workshop can be booked as a full day, or one-to-one, developmental program of self realisation, in shorter sessions, to suit. Skype is also available.